Worlds Colliding

A drive-by post as I’m supposed to be working…

I just watched actor Dominic West and David Simon, the creator of The Wire, chatting to BBC Breakfast News about the show, each of them expressing amazement at the fact that after five seasons the series has finally become a ‘cult’ hit thanks to word of mouth.The show’s presenters kept mentioning that it’s Barack Obama’s favourite show and that everybody they know keeps asking them, “Have you seen The Wire yet?” like it’s a club they should belong to.

Straight after the interview, they cut to the weather report in the Blue Peter garden.

Which got me thinking: The Wire and Blue Peter exist in the same universe. How is that even possible?



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13 responses to “Worlds Colliding

  1. Bubbles would make an *excellent* presenter. 🙂

  2. I have to confess that I have never seen The Wire, but I did have a sort of innocent crush on Yvette Fielding and Caron Keating when I was first introduced to Blue Peter. I hope this programme will outlive me…

  3. Lerxst

    My, you young thing Ruud! Personally, I can just about remember the end of the Lesley Judd era. However, the BP presenter that made the biggest mark was undoubtedly Sarah Greene. However, to be honest, I suspect I really noticed her on Saturday Superstore – I’d long stopped watching Blue Peter by the time the hormones kicked in!

  4. ….er, I was already in my (early!) twenties when I moved in my own apartment, and while surfing for something to watch during dinner, I stubled onto Blue Peter. Keating, Fielding and Mark Curry were the presenters then. So I was already too old for the agegroup it was being made for, but I liked the programme anyway.
    It has been very good for my English though.
    But since I am a late-bloomer, Maybe I was waiting for the hormones to kick in while I was watching….?

  5. Lizwc

    I wanted to be a Blue Presenter when I grew up. I also wanted to be an astronaut. And a Doctor Who companion (I never quite gave up hope that it was real). Perhaps I shouldn’t exist?

  6. jaynenelson

    I used to make lots of the toys they made on Blue Peter (I vividly remember making a four poster bed for my Barbie dolls out of a cereal box and some pencils!). But I never had a crush on any of the presenters, and for that I thank my lucky stars.

  7. Lerxst

    Jayne, you mean Peter Duncan was never your type? 🙂

  8. Lerxst

    Actually, isn’t it the 50th anniversary of BP or something? I wonder if when they’re reviewing the show’s history they’ll mention the Joey Deacon episode, and/or just gloss over how they introduced a new term of abuse to playgrounds across the land.

  9. Since I was already an old man when I was intruduced to Blue Peter, I never made anything withy stickyback-plastic. But if I would have been younger, I am pretty sure that I would have been the proud owner of my self-made Tracy-island.

    Hmmmm, a Blue Peter anniversary. Please, not the zookeeper slipping on baby elephant-wee again….?

  10. Lerxst

    Ruud, I’m not sure anyone ever made anything with stickyback plastic! When I was growing up, the only place it existed was on Blue Peter!

  11. If I understand and remember correctly, they were not allowed to use the terms “scotchtape” or “cellotape” because of legal reasons.

    After all the Blue Peter reminicing caused by this post, I looked up Yvette Fielding and Caron Keating. Fielding did loose some of her cuteness, but I was saddened and shocked to learn that Caron Keating died od breastcancer at a very young age…

  12. Lerxst

    I think the BBC ban on brand names applied more to the double-sided ‘stickytape’ – a product which again I don’t recall seeing much up north in the 70s. But not really important!

    Yes it was a great shame about Caron Keating.

  13. Lizwc

    Ruud’s last prompt caused me to look up Michael Sundin, Blue Peter presenter 1984-5 who was my only Blue Peter crush and who died in 1989 of an Aids related illness.

    I still remember the sadness I felt when he died but I was surprised how sharp it was today

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