Lots Of Little Delights (And A Few Big Ones)

It’s summer in London, it’s too damn HOT and I’m miserable… but life is still good.

For starters, I’m working on DVD & Blu-ray Review for the next month and their offices are air-conditioned, unlike my sweltering flat. Plus there’s always somebody to go to lunch with; indeed, there seems to be a never-ending stream of staff members or fellow freelancers to chat with over coffee.

I’m also lucky enough to work on the same floor as my pal Vanessa, and on the floor above my other pal-in-crime Gillen, and it’s so nice going into work each morning knowing you can mess about with your mates when you get a few minutes of downtime. (Particularly if one of them has just come back from the San Diego Comic-Con with lots of interesting tales. Hmm. I may have to go myself next year…)

I’ve been getting lots of work too – which I’m very thankful for – and will be sub-editing on both DVD & Blu-ray Review and The Times until the last day of September. (Good news for my bank loan repayments!) Of course, being me, I’ve also booked a two-day trip to Venice for my birthday on 1 October. (Bad news for my bank loan repayments…) It’ll be worth it, though; sitting with a cup of coffee in St Mark’s Square on the day I turn 37 seems like a good trade-off for all the hard work I’ve been doing.

And hell, I’ll be 37. I’ll need something to cheer me up.

There are other little ways in which life is good, too:

1. The steaming hot hell of a London Underground train being offset by the cool breeze blasting through the door at the end of the carriage, particularly if you know exactly where to stand to get the full effect (which you tend to learn after four years of commuting).

2. The comedic joy of hearing Missy Elliott’s bolshy and disturbing ‘Get Ur Freak On’ on your iPod being followed by ‘Knights Of The Round Table’ from Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Sometimes iPod Shuffle has a terrific sense of humour.

3. The fact that the song used in the Watchmen trailer, the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning’, has apparently moved into the top 40 songs being downloaded from iTunes (and, yes, I contributed to its rise through the charts).

4. The sight of grown men wearing t-shirts featuring stormtroopers, AT-ATs or Muppets, or slogans such as “I’m what Willis was talkin’ about”, and nobody looking at them twice. How wonderful it is to live in a society in which popular culture is so… well, popular. Imagine someone in the 1940s wearing a t-shirt with a cartoon character on it! Bet you can’t…

5. While I’m working at Future Publishing I’m using a freelance desk next to a lovely girl named Louise, who is possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met. Yesterday I looked up and she was holding something over the partition separating our desks – a little WALL-E figure with a sign she’d made saying, “Hello!” It was so unexpected and so funny that I’ve now made it my mission to bring in a toy every day and do the same back to her. Today she looked up and I was waving a mouse at her wearing a sign that said, “Boo!” There was much giggling.

6. Um, yeah. I’ll be 37 in October. I’m acting my age.

7. Which explains why I had a huge and serious conversation last week on the topic of which Sesame Street character would destroy New York if it had the chance. The answer?

Don’t say you never learn anything on this blog. Bet you thought it would be Oscar the Grouch, huh?



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5 responses to “Lots Of Little Delights (And A Few Big Ones)

  1. Hey, I’m 43 and I still spend weekends running round a ruined castle dressed as a pirate … πŸ™‚

  2. I turn 47 this month, and my wife has surprised me by taking me to London and visiting the Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court on my birthday.

    And one is as old as one feels. I may not dress as a pirate in the weekends, I do have wonderfull supersoaker-fights with Jasmijn on hot days like these. I can still win them, but I don’t know for how long….

    Hmmm, Venice, eh? LΓ­lia will probable be a bit jealous-ish…

  3. Don’t be miserable. That was one of the most joyous posts I’ve read in any blog in ages, so you must be at least happy that you made me smile at a grey time. Love you hun xx

  4. Lerxst

    37? A mere slip of a girl! Must be no age as I’m only a couple of years behind. I trust Venice won’t know what’s hit it πŸ™‚

    From my perspective, it’s not getting to 35 this year that bothers me, hell it’s just a number anyway, so much as where did the last 20 years go…. but let’s not go there.. nasty, evil depressing thought.

    Hmmm T-shirts, most of mine go unremarked, though I’ve had a few compliments for my ‘Slaughtered Lamb’ one. However, probably the response that amused me most was a hotel owner in Northumbria who, after seeing my ‘I’m Looking for Little Miss Naughty” t-shirt, decided to console me by explaining how he’d been in his late 40s before he found his wife. Kinda sweet, really…

  5. Lerxst

    Talking about Comicon, I just came across this on one of my other regular blog reads

    Nice one Catwoman! πŸ™‚

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