1,001 Delights!

According to WordPress, I now have a grand total of 1,001 comments on this blog!

Thank you to everybody who’s posted since I started blogging – and here’s (hopefully) to many more!

Also, as a brief addendum to the post I made earlier today about Barack Obama:

As I was watching the Senator give his little press conference outside Number 10, I was also texting SFX‘s Steve O’Brien about how great Obama is. Steve is a big follower of politics and loves Obama too, so he was a natural choice for a discussion about the events unfolding on our TVs.

“Are you watching the press conference?” I texted, after we’d spent a few minutes praising Obama to the rafters.

“I’ll watch it later,” he replied. “I’m watching the commentary on Doctor Who‘s ‘The Brain of Morbius’ right now.”

Sometimes politics just have to take a back seat, eh?



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18 responses to “1,001 Delights!

  1. Ruud V

    No, thank you for blogging enough stuff to respond to in the first place!
    I am pretty sure I will continue to follow your blogg, even if I might someday get banned from responding.
    I’m in it for the duration, which hopefully will be for a very long time.

  2. jaynenelson

    Thank you, Ruud! I always enjoy reading your comments, although I am sometimes remiss in replying to them (and other people’s, too).

  3. I like the new pics, by the way!
    Lília V

  4. Lerxst

    What Ruud said.. with party poppers & streamers to celebrate the landmark. 🙂

  5. jaynenelson

    Party poppers and streamers – yay! No chocolate, though?

    And thanks, Lilia; that’s my beloved antique typewriter, which still kind of works although obviously I’m a computer gal these days. I also thought I’d show off some foliage, as I am remarkably green-fingered you know…

  6. Strange, since I am sometimes greenfingered as well. But according to Lília, I should wash my hands better after work, me being an offsetprinter….

  7. Lerxst

    How could I leave out chocolate?! Have as much chocolate as you want! And wine of course.

    This may be slightly evil of me, but I can recommend The Chocolate Society (www.chocolate.co.uk .. bet they had to be quick to get that sitename). Guaranteed no Crunchy Frog….

    PS Green-fingered? Don’t do gardening advice, do you?

  8. jaynenelson

    I quite like Crunchy Frog, actually…

    I can dish out a bit of gardening advice if you so wish. Or contact my old co-workers at Suttons Seeds for help if necessary! Fire away!

  9. Congratulations on hitting 1001 comments! You’ve been a regular fixture on my blogroll for quite a while now … 🙂

  10. jaynenelson

    Thank you for reading! Although I’m a little put out – ‘blogroll’ sounds far too much like ‘bogroll’ in my opinion…

  11. Lerxst

    Ok Jayne.. you asked for it…

    Without photos I guess it would be a bit unfair/unproductive to ask your views on the shrub I’ve got that started going brown during the recent wet spell, and which hasn’t recovered. However, any tips for killing brambles or stopping them spreading? The ones in the field next door have started sending runners under the fence and they’re coming up all around my beds.

    By the way, is it just me or is this getting slightly surreal? From Batman to Obama to Jayne does Gardeners’ Question Time. 🙂

    PS If you’re put out by the term, why do you have a blogroll on the side of your site? 🙂 (Ducks & runs…)

  12. Lerxst

    Er, that third smiley should have been a bracket…

  13. jaynenelson

    Alas, the only tip I can give you about killing brambles is to dig them up at the roots – not helpful if you have a whole field of them beside your house! They’re right little buggers. Still, blackberries are nice…

    As for the shrub that’s gone brown – that could just as likely be a disease as a response to the wet weather. If the new leaves it sprouts are also tinged with brown, best dig it up and start again. If the new leaves are fine, it should be too in the long run.

    I feel like Alan Titchmarsh now. Hmm.

  14. Lizwc

    By my count this should take you to 1015. Congratulations!!! and thanks for posting so often on so many interesting things.. Going back to the recent politics discussion, I think British people should be allowed to vote in the American election. After all, whoever wins will be setting our foreign policy for the next 4 years so it’s only fair we should have a say 😉
    Hopefully that will be a winky smiley up there. Thought I’d buck the trend of disclaiming smileys!

  15. …and coming back to your remark about not always replying, well, when someone offers to be your Dutch Music Pimp, it’s no wonder there is no reply.
    What was I thinking?
    Still, the Nits, live, playing woman cactus was nice, wasn’t it? Oh, and the cactus didn’t suffer from any brambles or brown leaves…

  16. One of the best Dr Who stories so we can forgive him.

  17. Lerxst

    “I feel like Alan Titchmarsh now”

    Only considerably better looking 🙂

    Oh well, thanks. I suspected the brambles were going to be a pain. Nevermind the field next door – digging up the ones that are sprouting in my garden is bad enough – they seem to particularly like coming up through the middle of my heucheras (about the only plant I can name apart from the herbs). Clearly I need to wait for land prices to crash, buy the field, isolate the offending area to best protect the varied wildlife that inhabit the field, and then napalm the spikey bastards.

    As for the shrub… dig it up!?….. Noooooooo! It’s only just properly thickened up earlier this year after being planted in 2006. Ack, damn.

    My cactus died. 😦 To be fair, putting it outside was always a risk, but having moved house I didn’t have any window ledges big enough for its pot (the cactus was 3 foot high). It was dying anyway from lack of sun, so as a last throw of the dice outside it went. Unfortunately, while it might have been resistant to -10C temperatures, it wasn’t so good with damp…. 20 years of nurturing from a cutting & gone in a matter of weeks…

  18. I gave up gardening ever since a Krynoid ate my hamser…

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