Pops Head Round Door, Waves, Then Runs Away Again…

Why hello y’all! Yes, I’m still here, just swamped. I have features to write and reviews to churn out and all sorts of other bits and pieces to do (including the much-postponed ‘putting my bedroom back together after the decorators left’ business) and thus my blog has been neglected. But I’m off for the next two weeks and, once I get a handle on all the work, I shall be back to bore you entertain you as if I never left!

Tomorrow I’m taking a day off to visit the ‘Psycho Buildings’ exhibit at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank, and then I’m going to rewatch Batman Begins in preparation for seeing The Dark Knight on Friday. I’m also dying to see WALL-E (though I know I’ll cry because he’ll be sooooo damn cute I’ll want to take him home with me) and I am re-reading Watchmen for the THIRD time while I wait for the movie to come out next March (why is it taking so long, dammit?).

However, the fact that I spent Thursday night chatting to artist Dave Gibbons helps make the wait more bearable. What a nice chap. And thankfully, I resisted the urge to throw my arms around him and tell him how his yellow smiley face is, like, the best thing ever.


But isn’t it just, like, the best thing ever?



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6 responses to “Pops Head Round Door, Waves, Then Runs Away Again…

  1. Lizwc

    Jeez, Anyone would think you were a professional writer the way you go on… But it’s a good job you’re such a decent nice person who writes articles I enjoy or I would explode with jealousy that you met Dave Gibbons. I love Watchmen. And his yellow smiley face is the best thing ever.

  2. Lerxst

    Dave Gibbons AND Neil Gaiman… my that is something to be jealous of. At least I can take some comfort from having met the late great DNA, even if only at a signing… šŸ™‚ before hearing hin admit at a talk that the ending of Dirk Gently really, really, doesn’t make sense.

  3. Lizwc

    I met Douglas Adams once too, he was talking about “Last Chance To See”. After the talk I was hanging out with the organiser’s son who’d invited me and had the peculiar experience of having to tell DNA that there was smoke coming out of his suitcase…

  4. Crapsack

    Watchmen… oohh… I just pray they don’t muff up the movie version, one of the best graphic novels ever. I met Sir Alan Moore once, many many years ago at a Halo Jones signing. Awestruck I asked if I could take a picture. He slowly smoothed his gargantuan beard with bejewelled fingers and said in his dark Brummie voice “Make sure you get my best side, mind.” I think I did.

  5. Lerxst

    Liz – I’d have loved to have seen Douglas’s reaction! Always struck me as one of those people, like Stephen Fry or Ian Hislop, that I’d just love to have (had) a chance to have a proper conversation with.

    (Actually, just remembered – I did once see Christopher Lee, though it didn’t seem a particularly appropriate time to ask for a photo – he was going in to sign the book of condolence at the American Embassy after 9/11 just as I was on my way out.)

  6. jaynenelson

    Okay guys, you win, cos I haven’t met Douglas Adams, Alan Moore or Christopher Lee. See? I don’t have all the fun!

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