The Destroyer Of Worlds (and eyeliner)

I’m sure you all just watched the final episode of Doctor Who (and if you didn’t… run along now, nothing to see here except spoilers). I would’ve posted straight after viewing but I was too busy mopping my tears, and then I decided to watch Doctor Who Confidential and goshdarnit if I didn’t have to mop up my tears after that, too, because they showed the final few scenes again. Man, but I’m a wuss.

(It’s funny how I don’t really cry at things in the real world: I only cry when I watch certain TV shows or particular films, or when I listen to beautiful music.* It’s like I get all my emotions out through popular culture so I don’t have to deal with them for real. And you know what? That suits me just fine.)

So nobody had a freakin’ CLUE what was going to happen in Doctor Who tonight… and wasn’t it wonderful? Not a spoiler to be heard anywhere, and Who was the one show everybody was talking about for days. I even heard two British Rail ticket inspectors discussing what they thought was going to happen as they checked for fare dodgers at my local station. Russell T Davies gave an interview to the BBC this week in which he slammed the culture of spoiler-hunting and he had a point. I don’t mind the odd broad spoiler but when I know too much it completely ruins what I’m watching, like reading the final page of a book when you’re still on page 47.

I really don’t get why people want to know – is it for a feeling of power, perhaps? “I know something you don’t know…!” Well, good for you. Now piss off and let me be surprised, just how nature intended.

And thus the Doctor didn’t regenerate, but because nobody had a clue what was going to happen, for an entire week there was the faintest glimmer of doubt cast over his apres-glow persona. Delicious. I didn’t think he WOULD change (but if he did, I was rooting for Colin Salmon, just because he’s ace) and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that his disembodied hand would have something to do with it. However, did anybody spot the whole DoctorDonna thing coming? Or that Rose would get her very own half-Time Lord to take home with her? (Lucky cow.) For sheer inventiveness, I think “Journey’s End” deserves applause with all seven of the Doctor’s hands.

Also, the strangest thought popped into my head while I was watching the valiant little TARDIS bravely towing the Earth back to its home star system: with all of the vibrations the journey caused, the giant gypsum crystals of the Lechuguilla Caves in New Mexico (as seen in glorious, glittery detail in Planet Earth) would have shattered. And that made me sad…

Lechuguilla crystals

Lechuguilla crystals

Which is dumb to the max, because obviously if the Earth ever DID get towed through space by an inter-dimensional spacecraft, the forces on the planet would be so strong there’d be nothing left but a smoking rock by the end.

Oh well. *shrugs*

* When I say ‘beautiful music’, I don’t mean the Iron Maiden concert taking place at Twickenham Stadium as I type this. In stark contrast to last week’s Bon Jovi gig, I’ve shut my windows tonight…



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12 responses to “The Destroyer Of Worlds (and eyeliner)

  1. Ruud V

    Ah, well, you’re not the only one. If I had eyeliner left from this morning, it would have been gone towards the end of the episode. So luckily I didn’t have any left. 😉
    Lília Visser

    P.S.: Ruud is just happy Sarah Jane is still alive.

  2. Lerxst

    Hmmm..grrr… have to say I’ve got hugely mixed feelings on this one. Everything was bombing along very, very nicely until that moment when Donna emerged after being hit by Davros… and then it all ended incredibly well once the Tardis doors shut and it was just Donna & the Doc. But inbetween? What a pile of horseshit. They might as well have stuck the Benny Hill music over the conclusion to the meeting with the Daleks, and had done with it.

    As for the Rose thing, well, I can’t get worked up like some… after all, we all know the Doc’s real love was Romana 🙂

  3. Ben

    I saw the DoctorDonna thing coming (, however my full theory had the Doctor regenerating into Donna then wiping his/her mind at the end and putting in into a pocketwatch (a la John Smith). I claim half marks for that theory!

  4. Ruud V

    The series final was quite overwhelming, with so much happening. I sometimes got lost in the tecnobabble. It was made worse by the fact that English is not my first language, and with the speed of some characters talking, combined with the music and soundeffects, I sometimes lost things.
    I didn’t expect a regeneration, and if someone would die, I hoped it was Rose. I liked her, but I liked Martha and Donna even more. And Sarah Jane the morest (eh?). So IF a companion had to die, let it be my least faforite. Sorry? They gave her a nice gift at the end though.
    Which can’t be said for Donna! To end up with a wiped memory of all she encountered with the Doctor. I wouldn’t mind Donna showing up in a series finale two-parter in a year or two, things being made right for her. Are you listening, Mr Moffat?!
    Hm, now that’s a thought: Donna versus the Melty-Man. Poor bastard. He wouldn’t stand a chance…..
    But it was an emotional rollercoaster. I think I will sit down quietly soon, and watch the story again.

    Ruud V

    Don’t worry about the caves Jayne. If the trip would have been too dangerous for earth and it’s caves, the Doctor would probable have hidden the planet in a lead-lined refrigerator first…

  5. Lerxst

    Just a quick PS re:spoilers.. can only speak for myself, but nothing to do with power, just curiosity and a lack of patience. It’s the same thing as when I sit down with a box of (good) DVDs I haven’t seen before.. ‘I’ll just watch one episode’ becomes ‘oh shit it’s 3am’, because I want to know what happens next, and I want to know NOW! But then my spoiler hunting tends to not get much beyond typing ‘Doctor Who’ into Google News, and I try not to let slip spoilers with those who don’t want them.

  6. Jenni

    I must admit I didn’t cry but as my cat had been run over in the week, I didn’t have any tears left!! BUT, I absolutely LOVED the last episode and, Ruud, even with English as a first language, I didn’t understand the technobabble!! I will miss Donna as Catherine Tate’s been brilliant but I’ll also miss Wilf – Bernard Cribbens has been superb. Not wanting to discuss spoilers but will Martha be joining the Torchwood team now? I really hope so as I love her character too.

  7. Lizwc

    I hoped all series that Bernard Cribbins would turn around and say “Oh Doctor? Remeber when you looked a lot like Peter Cushing and I hooked up with your granddaughter? Well… you’ll never guess who your great-granddaughter was…. So I didn’t see DoctorDonna coming at all but I was on the right tracks… sort of.

    I absolutely bawled my eyes out. I still can’t get over quite how cruel Donna’s fate was. I honestly would rather she had physically died but kept her memories. To be honest I think that was a shabby way to treat the character. Adric got better than that.

    In fact the whole episode was hard to quantify. I hated bits and I loved bits. Rose heading off with Doctor-Lite didn’t quite work for me. I know it should’ve I just find it hard to accept… He wasn’t the Doctor, he just had all his memories. Oh well. DoctorDonna was fabulous, I was relieved David Tennant hadn’t gone (tho having seen Stephen Moffat’s CV I’m now hoping for Dexter Fletcher as the next doctor)… It was good to see the doctor’s soul laid bare – nice touch – and no matter how unconvincing I hadn’t seen Dalek Caan’s defection. That was clever.
    and now we have Cybermen at Christmas to look forward to.
    but Donna!!! That’s so wrong!! I might go and cry again now.

  8. Ruud V

    Dexter Fletcher as the new Doctor? I don’t care, as long as Julia Sawalha is the companion!
    Hmmmmm, Russel T. had his stars from Second Coming and Casanova as his Doctors. I’m wondering if the new producer will do the same. I can see it now: Richard Coyle as the Doctor! “I’ve reversed the polarity of the giggleloop. The sockgap should start closing any moment now. Breasts…!”

  9. Lerxst

    At the very least, they ought to have the Tardis land in an airport and have Richard Coyle walking past in the background shouting out ‘Shadayim, Shadayim!’. Or a scene in the Tardis where the camera pans over the Doctor’s film collection and there’s a brief glimpse of the title ‘Lesbian Spank Inferno’. Or an alien who collects ears! Or, or… no, must calm down.

    As for next assistant, hmm, Little Miss Moffett has my vote… or a suitably gorgeous redhead (I haven’t heard much of Alyson Hannigan lately, one can dream..…)

  10. Lizwc

    yes…. The Doctor casually mentioning that he and the Master used to be “porn buddies” would make my day too

  11. jaynenelson

    Blimey. You guys really had a lot to say, didn’t you?

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