Earwigging The Jovi

I seem to have a knack for living by really cool concert venues. A few years ago I got to sit on my sofa and listen to The Three Tenors (Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti) singing live just a few hundred metres away from my house in Bath. Then The Rolling Stones played Twickenham Stadium and I watched from my window as a huge burst of fire shot up from the venue and I heard the “Woo-woos” from ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ echoing around my street.

Tonight I was lucky enough to listen in on Jon Bon Jovi singing ‘Blaze Of Glory’ and ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ while I stood at my window, staring at their lightshow bouncing around on the bottom of the clouds hanging over the stadium.

My face hurts from all the grinning, and I’m happy to report that I sang along to ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ with even worse harmonies than Sam Winchester. Luckily, nobody heard me.

Bliss. I’m tellin’ ya. Bliss.



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4 responses to “Earwigging The Jovi

  1. Ruud V

    Can’t say I am much of a Bon Jovi fan. In fact, Lília and I have this unspoken agreement that she doesn’t play their CD’s when I’m at home.
    In return, I have to play my Stewart Copeland CD’s only when she is out, and my Sailor-records only moderately, when she is in.
    We’ve just returned from a two-week campingtrip in the Dordogne, and I am proud to say that neither were present in CD-form, nor were they missed.
    The pre-historic caves with cro-magnon paintings were incredible though.
    Much better than Jon’s lightshow, I suspect….

  2. Lerxst

    Bon Jovi’s that sort of 80s pop-rock hair band whose material I’d never actually buy, but have to admit that they did do some decent stuff. However, more into Maiden myself. As for venues, we have some great smaller places, but when it comes to ‘stadium-style’ I think the Americans win hands down with their outdoor amphitheatres (I have particularly fond memories of seeing Rush at Deer Creek a few years back).

  3. jaynenelson

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday, Ruud! I didn’t realise members of the public could see those caves, though – I thought they were restricted? Or did you break in? I won’t tell anyone if you did…

    And I think I forgot to mention that Iron Maiden are playing at my friendly neighbourhood rock stadium next weekend. 🙂

  4. Lerxst

    Enjoy Jayne… I had checked it out earlier in the year but unfortunately I can’t make it. Should be a corker though, with a retro-set focussing on their 80s albums. So songs like Number of the Beast, Run To The Hills, Can I Play With Madness, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Nevermind Wanted Dead Or Alive, oh for a girl who could sing along to The Trooper… 🙂

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