Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Many thanks to those of you who got in touch to tell me that the Buffy episode I was trying to recall was “The Wish”. I know this week’s Doctor Who shared a lot of similarities with that episode (not to mention other obvious ‘parallel world’ staples such as It’s A Wonderful Life), but it wasn’t just the plot that reminded me of something Whedon-esque. Everything about “Turn Left” smacked of Buffy, although possibly it was a little more like Angel, seeing as it was so dark.

How utterly wonderful to find a British TV show with a Joss Whedon sensibility! But it’s such a shame it took nine years to happen. At least we got there in the end, eh?

I’ve had another busy week, mostly spent writing advertorials for Warner Bros and catching up on classic black and white movies I’ve managed to miss over the years. I’m ashamed to say that I’d never seen Greta Garbo act in anything until I watched 1932’s Grand Hotel a few nights ago (now I know what all the fuss is about – she was absolutely extraordinary). Nor had I ever watched Humphrey Bogart in anything except Casablanca, but now I’ve seen The Maltese Falcon I’m completely hooked on his quirky grin. Next up is Seven Samurai. It’s like I’m catching up on film homework…

I also saw Wanted on Monday night at a press screening in Leicester Square that was so chaotic I’ve since heard several people, independently of each other, refer to the night’s scramble to get inside the cinema as “total carnage”. Luckily I managed to find a seat and spent the entire movie perched on the edge of it, for Wanted is a brilliant, adrenaline-fuelled action onslaught that contains just as much carnage as the screening did (only a little bloodier).

However, I do wish that Morgan Freeman would stop playing the same role over and over and do something different for a change. And I think I might have been the only girl in the entire audience not impressed by James McAvoy’s naked chest – one lady behind me even gasped aloud when she saw it. No offence to James, but I was far more turned on by Timur Bekmambetov’s stunning action sequences.

Which is kind of worrying, now I come to think about it.

And finally… Bon Jovi are playing two huge gigs at Twickenham Stadium over the next couple of nights, gigs I should be able to hear from my house if I keep my windows open. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the band but since watching the season three finale of Supernatural and a certain scene involving the song “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (I won’t say any more because I’m not sure if it’s aired on ITV2 yet), I’m getting quite excited about hearing Bon Jovi sing it live in my living room.

Hopefully my harmonies will be better than Sam Winchester’s.

But probably not.



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5 responses to “Wanted: Dead Or Alive

  1. Lerxst

    Bogart – big hero of mine as practically the on-screen defintion of the bruised romantic. Would definitely suggest you check out The Big Sleep, and To Have And Have Not (and not just because I also have a thing for Bacall). Alongside those, and a few of the other obvious ones (eg African Queen) a personal favourite of mine is In A Lonely Place.

  2. In our screen you could have heard a pin drop when Jolie and McAvoy snogged. Women included. It’s those lips. *drools*

  3. Sini

    They didn’t play “Wanted Dead or Alive” in Helsinki. I was there, nice gig otherwise. But I for your sake I hope they will play it in London!

  4. ‘Fraid not. Wanted was the shallowest, most depressingly dull and unexciting actioner I’ve seen in years. All the MTV editing and flashy camera gimmicks don’t make up for a vacuous, soulless, hollow piece of faux-nihilism. Not a patch on Millar’s book.

  5. jaynenelson

    Luckily I heard them playing ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ tonight, Sini! Glad you enjoyed the gig. Funny how many Bon Jovi fans there are in the world. I really know nothing about them but I’m starting to fall in love…

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