This is all getting rather annoying now.

I really want to update this blog with my thoughts on Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, what I’ve been up to recently, what I made of the Lost/House/Supernatural finales (and more, because it’s been a wonderful year for finales), but instead I’m bonkers busy and barely finding the time to brush my teeth at night, let alone write anything.

I’ll keep trying though. Watch this space.

(One thing I will find time to say is that I had a very disturbing dream last week in which I was stuck on a spaceship being hunted by HR Giger’s Alien. I managed to kill the beast after what seemed like bloody weeks being hunted through corridors filled with flashing red lights and klaxons – and then an entire shipload of gung-ho marines turned up with an Alien in chains and I just knew it was going to escape and eat them all and then come after me… which it did. Interestingly, though, at the end of the dream I walked into a room filled with crystal skulls, a la the ones in Indy, and I’ve come to the conclusion the two franchises are now related in strange and disturbing ways.

Or maybe it’s just my subconscious playing silly buggers and deciding it’s about time I stopped having nightmares about zombies because acid-blooded Xenomorphs are more fun. Great. Thanks, brain.)



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5 responses to “This is all getting rather annoying now.

  1. Ruud V

    ….I don’t want to complicate things more, but are you sure you are a journo dreaming of Xenomorphs and not a xenomorph dreaming she is a journo….?

    And waht was there first? The xenomorph or the egg?

  2. jaynenelson

    I wish I simply dreamt about electric sheep instead.

  3. Lerxst

    Now I’m confused…. Indy is a replicant??!

  4. Ruud V

    Hmmm, I wonder if the Christal Skull is so long at the back because it is designed for housing an extra pair of extendable jaws…?

  5. Well one of the ideas for the xenomorph was a transluscent head showing a skull that looked like a crystal skull from indy I think you can see it if you type in animatronic xenomorph on youtube

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