It’s All In The Wrist…

I haven’t posted anything for over a week for a very simple reason: I’ve sprained my wrist.

Nothing serious, and it’s already getting better, but my other wrist has started aching because I’m overcompensating for the poorly one, and I’m having to wear a support bandage on each wrist all the time while they recover, which has the unfortunate side-effect of making it look as though I’ve been getting experimental with razorblades and veins (urgh). And the whole wrist-issue thing means I’m trying to avoid unnecessary typing because I have so much necessary typing to do in order to pay my bills.

So, uh, that’s why I haven’t posted anything.

I would have posted my reaction to last week’s Supernatural finale, for instance, but I wasn’t actually able to form a coherent sentence after watching it because it… well… without giving anything away, it was… oh bugger, just watch it. Or I would have written about last week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, which contained the best use of the word “jump” in the history of television. Or, failing that, I would have written about how annoyed I am that my tickets to the press screening of the new Indiana Jones movie haven’t turned up, but it’s pointless to sulk because it’s opening on Thursday anyway.

Which means my poorly wrists have saved you from two fangirl “SQUEEEEES!” and a whinge.

See? It’s not all bad, is it?



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2 responses to “It’s All In The Wrist…

  1. Raj

    Hope your wrists get better soon. As someone else who relies on being able to type for a living (although in a different field, I’m a software engineer) I can appreciate the problems of not being able to.

    > which contained the best use of the word “jump” in the history of television

    What, better than Babylon 5 :)?

  2. jaynenelson

    Yes. Better than Babylon 5. Even though B5 did have some bleedin’ good jumps in it too…

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