Up, Up And Not Going Away

Phew! I’m as busy as a bee preparing for the Honey Olympics at the moment, so it occurred to me that I’d better post something before you think I’m ignoring the comments you’ve been heaping so liberally upon this blog. (And seriously, guys, if you’re all gonna talk to each other in my absence you should really get a room.)

Things I’ve done recently:

A mammoth walk around Richmond Park with my friend Paul which resulted in us somehow getting tonnes of sand in our shoes; lots of sub-editing on the magazine formerly known as DVD Review but now known as DVD & Blu-ray Review; several picnics in Regent’s Park during lunch breaks (including an amusing stroll today with my mate Keely in which we professed undying lust for a certain New Zealand actor who got his big break as Julius Caesar); much viewing of Twin Peaks and the decision to write my next SFX column on the show (thank you for all your comments!); more delving into my diary from 1983 and the warm ‘n’ fuzzy realisation that I spent most of my childhood either watching TV, playing in the park or reading – not a computer game in sight); and an afternoon spent at the Sci-Fi London Festival taking part in their annual quiz as part of the SFX team (we were THRASHED, though I still maintain the quiz was so difficult it took all the fun out of taking part).

I’ve also had the good fortune to do a few phone interviews for the Official Supernatural Magazine with some of the behind-the-scenes bods and a few guest stars, all of which has cemented my immense joy and appreciation for My Favourite Show On TV Right Now. I don’t know if any of you are following Supernatural‘s latest season but it’s just… stupendous. I love it so much I might even come back as a ghost and haunt its ass just to make the point.

Speaking of TV, I’ve just watched the latest Smallville – don’t worry, no spoilers, except to say it was a total fanboy geek-out – and I actually enjoyed it for once. As you’ve probably heard, Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum have bailed on the next season, and TVGuide.com reported today that with them gone, Allison Mack’s agents have (quite rightly) stepped into the vacuum and demanded she get more money for her work on the show. Hey, she’s important now; Smallville can’t consist of Lois and Clark alone. Or, as one reader pointed out: “Give her everything and anything she wants!! Otherwise they should just call this show Small.”

Hear, hear! Frankly, I can’t believe they’ve got the nerve to even make another year without so many members of the principal cast, and poor Tom Welling must be dying to get the hell outta that barn. I suppose the writers’ strike has far-reaching effects – with so few pilots commissioned, what would they replace Smallville with? They certainly couldn’t fill the timeslot with even more reality TV because The CW has already hit rock bottom with a show called Farmer Wants A Wife (you figure out the premise, I’m too depressed to explain it).

So on it goes… and, according to your personal opinion, it’s either not quite jumped the shark yet, or the shark is so far behind it that the finned fiend is in another ocean entirely. All I know is that I’m still loving the geeky shout-outs to the Superman mythos, but some episodes irritate me so much it’s like having bugs crawling under my skin while I watch them. But hell; at least it’s better than some reality shite about a farmer who needs a new woman…


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7 responses to “Up, Up And Not Going Away

  1. THE Keely - as endorsed by Jayne Nelson

    Fame! fame at last! Can’t believe you didn’t mention our practically pornagraphic conversation about Latin flower names though..it was so breathy and husky I thought I’d have to pay premium rates for that conversation! You weren’t grooming me were you??For a life on the streets selling seeds?? I’m not that kind of girl!

  2. Ruud V

    Call be weird, stupid or whatever, but I have never been into Smallville (nor Twinpeaks), so I don’t really care much if they continue or not.

  3. Lizwc

    Clark’s always been a Farmboy… Lana Lang’s bailed on the show… so he needs a new woman to moon over unrequitedly (apart from Lois and Chloe), is there some kind of mystic mashup going on between the two shows?

  4. Sini

    Farmer wants a wife has been really popular here in Finland. One of the pairs of the first season is still together and they have a baby (or one on the way, I’m definately NOT following it THAT closely). Wish they would start airing Supernatural’s third season here some time soon! Oh and wouldn’t mind Smallville either. And Galactica. Please? No wonder people download shows, as they aren’t able to see them legally in their countries…

  5. Derek Landy

    The Farmer Wants A Wife started off as a series of articles in a UK magazine, and then some TV channel decided to make a reality show about it, and then a pair of producers bought the rights and tried to make it a movie.

    How do I know all this, you ask? How does a humble Irishman like me know all this? Because I was hired to do a rewrite on the script..

    And I’ll have you know, it turned out PRETTY DARNED GOOD.

    (It was my first script in which nobody punched anyone. My mother had high hopes for finally being able to take her friends to a film of mine. Unfortunately it still hasn’t been made. Sorry Mum.)

    I’ll leave you all alone now.

  6. jaynenelson

    Good lord, what are the odds of somebody reading my blog who’s actually written for Farmer Wants A Wife (in any way, shape or form)? What a small world/interweb!

    I haven’t seen more than a few minutes of the show, I’ll admit, but what I saw was enough to give me The Horrors. But then, I’m not a fan of reality TV (apart from the travelling audition rounds in American Idol and The X-Factor, which I only enjoy as a pseudo-psychologist studying human nature).

    By the way, I do believe you are the very same Derek Landy who scribbled the book Skullduggery Pleasant, aren’t you? Why, hello!

  7. Derek Landy


    And just for the record, I abhor reality TV, and even though the travelling auditions for X-Factor hold a degree of sick fascination, I have to change the channel whenever cringe-levels rise. Usually as a result of some poor deluded fool deciding to do a little dance.

    By the way, Reccomended Viewing: Friday Night Lights. Not a trace of horror or fantasy or the supernatural (y’know, FUN stuff), but as someone who appreciates quality shows, you’ll probably love it. I’m three episodes towards the end of Season Two and I have to force myself to stop watching.

    Please don’t tell my editor that.

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