I just came across a battered old diary I kept back in 1983 when I was all of 12 years old. The handwriting is almost undecipherable and the diary smells strongly of mould. Out of curiosity, I looked up what I was doing on this day 25 years ago and read this:


“Went for a walk up St Marychurch. Did shopping, came home and had my dinner. Played in the field with Lucy [my pet cat at the time]. Came in and read.Watched TV all evening, Dynasty was on. Krystle and Alexis had a fight – ace!”


Bloody hell – I was even writing TV reviews when I was 12! My life hasn’t really changed that much…



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20 responses to “Nostalgia…

  1. Lerxst

    At least your tastes have improved πŸ™‚

  2. Jenni

    Oh how I LOVED Dynasty and subsequently the Colbys!! I feel a need to watch a programme with shoulder pads and hair kept rigid by hairspray now rather than go to work! However, in my old diary, I write about Remington Steele and how “lush” it and Pierce Brosnan was. That hasn’t changed over the years…. πŸ™‚ Mind you, everything was “lush” then!!

  3. Ruud V


    “Dear diary
    the Doctor got a new companion today – Ace!!”

  4. Lerxst

    Remington Steele.. I have vague memories of it, though somehow it largely passed me by. I was probably more into Dempsey & Makepeace to be honest… can’t think why…

  5. Jenni

    On my part it was Dempsey (Michael Brandon?) but I always wanted my hair to be like Makepeace’s – it never was 😦 It’s being repeated on one of the ITV channels on Sunday at the moment I think. He’s still not as lush as Pierce though! I did like Ace as the Doctor’s companion. Why on earth they ever thought Bonnie Langford would be good, I’ll never know.

  6. Lerxst

    It’s also available on DVD – Β£40 on Amazon for the complete thing (not that I’ve bought it..yet). But checking that I saw another classic… The Professionals. Now that I might just buy!!

    As for the good Doc, I think Bonnie Langford was the least of the series problems. Having a guest appearance by Bertie Bassett was the point at which I finally gave up on it, though being more of the Pertwee/Baker/Davison era, I’d been wavering for a while.

  7. Ruud V

    Hmmmmmm, Glynnis Barber……..
    I like Ace, and wouldn’t mind her making an appearance on the new series as a latex-wearing Dalek-killer.
    I liked the Doctor/Ace combination though, and by their last series, the show was getting quite good, I think….
    Talking about old faforites, is Shoestring out on DVD? I introduced my wife to Waking the dead, and she is really, really getting into Trevor Eve….

  8. Lizwc

    Bertie Bassett!!! I thought I must have imagined that… but no it really did sink that low…
    Ace was brilliant, it was the first time they’d had a companion I could relate to. That least season of the old show was getting back to what Dr Who was about.
    I’d love to see Ace back in the show. Sarah-Jane was almost before my time so it didn’t really excite me seeing her back that much.
    Dynasty completely passed me by, due to being a second-generation geek soap operas played no part in my life. Except lunchtime Neighbours (cringes in shame)

  9. Lerxst

    Eddie Shoestring! Now I wonder how that’s aged. Doesn’t appear to be on DVD, though searching for it on Amazon throws up Bergerac for some reason…

    Which is kind of a weird coincidence because while I did quite like Sophie Aldred & Ace, my nostalgic memory is more of Louise Jameson.

  10. Ruud V

    I couldn’t find Shoestring DVD’s eiter, but I would be interested.
    And my fave companion has always been (and probable always will be) Elisabeth Sladen, who I think has aged quite well. I got quite emotional at the end of Schoolreunion, and I do enjoy her recent adventures quite a lot. Strangely enough we sometimes forgot to record Torchwood, but never the Srah Jane Adventures.
    Does that signify something?
    Jameson is quite nice as well, and I didn’t mind looking at Nicola Bryant either….

  11. jaynenelson

    You guys don’t need me to post anything on this blog – you’re quite happy chatting amonngst yourselves, aren’t you?

  12. Ruud V


  13. Ruud V

    But they definetely needed your first comment to start the string of nonsense, right? πŸ˜‰ LΓ­lia Visser

  14. Lerxst

    Hmm.. this is probably non-pc, uncalled for, and so on, but Louise Jameson WAS quite nice… I got a shock how badly she’d aged when I last saw her on TV. Stand her next to Mr Baker today and she could pass for dear old Tom’s mum! By comparison, I actually prefer Liz Sladen now…

    As for Nicola Bryant, I’m with you there. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Peter Davison’s exit scene again for the first time in years – as a youngster for some reason I hadn’t noticed Peri’s, er, contribution… πŸ™‚

    Jayne – you just hit that rich vein that is nostalgia. You must have guessed what we’d be like! But I note we’ve somehow managed to turn a post about Die-nasty into a Who companion discussion…

    Anyway, I’m away for a week now, so you’re safe from my nonsense for a while! πŸ™‚

  15. Jenni

    I’d have thought one of you would’ve mentioned Tegan by now!!!Well at least in the new series there’s been Captain Jack Harkness and of course the Doctor in the guise of David Tennant to lech at! Well that’s just my humble opinion. πŸ™‚

  16. Lizwc

    … I prefer Ecclestone myself
    Old Who male companions were a bit sparse in my era.. Turlough. No thank you. Adric – I was too young. though I cried for hours when he died. This was age-appropriate behaviour you understand.

  17. Ruud V

    Not only the new Doctor Who has Jack Harkness. With Torchwood, some gameshow, and a stint as a panel-member, Jack seems to be everywhere! It’s only a matter of time before he starts to read the news on CNN and co-host Topgear, mark my words…..
    (And I don’t know about miss Jameson today, but I saw some recent footage of Nicola Bryant, and she has aged quite well, actually.
    Oops, sorry Jane. It seems we’re back to female companions….)

  18. Lerxst

    Postscript: at the risk of provoking Jayne’s ire, can I just add, quick, someone sign up the young Ms Davison for a longer term role! My, now she is cute.

  19. jaynenelson

    Yes. TOO cute. Like a Disney bunny.

  20. Lerxst

    A Disney bunny? When did a Disney bunny ever include nicely-packaged curves like that? The closest the Kingdom has come to producing a rabbit who’d look that good in a vest was Jessica. πŸ™‚

    If I weren’t ten years too old… I still wouldn’t have a chance!

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