George Clooney, In A Nutshell

I’ve just read this interview with George Clooney on The New Yorker‘s website and, while I have issues with the piece being written in a rather jarring past tense that bumps you out of the interview time and again, it does contain this wonderful statement:

Clooney is America’s national flirt, a pitchman on talk shows and red carpets who, against the background hum of the world’s lust and envy, is lightly ironic, clever, and self-deprecating, with furrowed brow and bobbing head, and a gyration in the lower jaw suggesting something being moved around under his tongue. This busy charm—a man on his way out to a party, feeling pretty good about his hair—was profitably packaged in “Ocean’s Eleven” and its two sequels, films that, more than anything, seemed to be oblique views of the A-list esprit de corps, real or imagined, that went into making them; they were fictions yearning to be “making of” documentaries.

The description of Clooney as “a man on his way out to a party, feeling pretty good about his hair” is so delightfully cheeky, and seems so perfectly appropriate, that I won’t ever be able to look at George again without wondering how he feels about his follicles that day.



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One response to “George Clooney, In A Nutshell

  1. Ruud V

    ….follicles, eh? Well, it beats wondering about his bat-nipples….

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