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It was snowing when I woke up this morning. The snow didn’t last, but it looked pretty for a few hours, which is really all I ever want from snow: to look pretty. Thank you for fulfilling your purpose, oh frozen flakes of ice.

Last night was a terrific night of telly, not just because Doctor Who returned in an episode that was enormous fun, if a bit too silly, and which re-introduced Donna to the TARDIS in the best way possible (was I the only one who got a little lumpy-throaty when she flew by her granddad? Yes? Alrighty then). However, even better than the return of David Tennant with his fabulous scribbly hair was the return of Battlestar Galactica to US TV.

I won’t spoil the premiere episode for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I can now say without fear of contradiction: Battlestar Galactica is the best programme on television.

That’s only because The Wire has finished, of course.

– – –

I was playing with my iTunes earlier today while working on one of those features I keep whinging about having to write (I’m back in ‘work mode’ at last – phew) and it struck me that, while I have very diverse taste in music, a lot of it has something in common. According to my list of Most Played Songs, TV dictates what I listen to. Check out the evidence:

My Most-Played Songs

1) Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey) – heard it in the finale of The Sopranos and have played it non-stop ever since.

2) Ragged Ass Road (Tom Cochrane) – heard it in an episode of Due South and have played it non-stop ever since.

3) Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas) – heard it in an episode of Supernatural and have played it non-stop ever since.

4) Renegade (Styx) – heard it in an episode of Supernatural and have played it non-stop ever since.

5) Voodoo Child (Rogue Traders) – heard it in an episode of Doctor Who and have played it non-stop ever since.

6) From A Million Miles (Single Gun Theory) – heard it in an episode of Due South and have played it non-stop ever since.

7) In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly) – heard it in an episode of Supernatural and have played it non-stop ever since. It’s also my ringtone.

8 ) King Of Spain (Moxy Fruvous) – nothing to do with TV whatsoever, just one of my favourite songs.

9) Us (Regina Spektor) – the soundtrack for a YouTube video I once watched which contained lots of clips from SF shows. I liked it. I bought it.

10) Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) – What? It’s pretty!

I had no idea until I looked at this list that my tastes were so easily manipulated by my telly. What’s surprising is how much of an impact Supernatural has had on my listening habits; in 2005, I wouldn’t have known “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” from “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. I now have Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on my iPod, clashing boldly with my two Due South soundtracks (rarely away from my ears) and the music from The Dead Zone and Buffy (both the ordinary soundtrack and “Once More With Feeling”). And I’m not even going mention all those film soundtracks littering my computer…

In conclusion, I am quite obviously a TV junkie in more ways than I suspected. While I do listen to standalone music – everything from ABBA to The Zombies – the majority of my ear candy summons up a connection to a certain scene in a certain TV show.

Particularly if that scene involves two demon-hunting brothers or a Mountie.

Hmm. I think I just explained it.


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11 responses to “Top Of My Pops

  1. lerxst

    “re-introduced Donna to the TARDIS in the best way possible”

    Really? Did I miss an after credits scene with DT pushing her out the doors at a great height? She was ok when she toned it down, but every time she went into her ‘am I bovvered?’ voice I just wanted a walking lump of fat to heroically hurl itself down her throat and choke her.

  2. jaynenelson

    That’s how I felt when I watched “The Runaway Bride”, right up to the end when she got a bit softer. This time round, she was much better. I think they learned from their mistakes, in much the same way as they toned down Torchwood this year.

    And it WAS a comedy episode, so there was a bit of gurning and silliness; hopefully they won’t all be this daft!

  3. Jenni

    Have to say, I got a bit of a tear in my eye when Donna waved goodbye to her Granddad. I loved it and thought the character of Donna was fab too, can’t wait for Saturdays now! Oh yes, have got Supernatural to watch so I can see what the fuss is all about. 🙂 Plus was very jealous of your job when I saw you’d got to write about Robin of Sherwood!! How can that be work? 😉 Very good article by the way.

  4. I er… might have sniffed a bit. But only because he’s such a cute old guy and I like seeing cute old guys happy. Then I realised how utterly schmalzy and silly it was and pulled myself together.

    (Good Xena article too, lady. Glad you only touched on the lesbo thing. For most, it’s all they can remember the series for, boo! xx)

  5. jaynenelson

    Glad you guys enjoyed those articles! They’re so much fun to write – like a walk down memory lane. I adore Robin of Sherwood and it was great to say nice things about Xena. Everybody does seem to remember the gay subtext, but for me it was all about Caesar and Ares. (Am I right in thinking you’re an Ares fan, too, Jenni…?)

  6. Lizwc

    I was in tears of joy by the end of Dr Who too… but then I had to hide my tears from my laughing other half.
    I thought Donna was brilliant! I loved her calming him down “Doctor. Tell me what you need.” and “You just want to MATE!?” were my favourite lines…
    And your Xena article actually made me wish I’d had Channel 5 when it was on. Loved the Robin of Sherwood article too, it was great to see somewone else remembered Nickolas Grace’s Sheriff.

  7. Ruud V

    I liked Donna. But I don”t have the baggage of being overexposed to Catherine Tate. I saw only one episode of het sketch-show, didn’t like it much, so passed on the next.
    I trust the team behind the series enough to have faith in the way Donna becomes part of the series. Besides, isn’t Sarah Jane rumoured to make an appearance later?
    And what’s with all the companions having big hoop earrings? Is this a secret Russel T Davis fetish…?

    And talking about music in tv-series, was I the only one having goosebumps during the closing minutes of the Ashes to ashes finale, when Long Way home was playing?
    But let’s not forget tv-thememusic! I think Steward Copelan’d music for The Equalizer still rocks. And how about Clannad’s music for Robin of Sherwood? Classic Doctor Who (what’s with the tinkered theme of the current series, by the way?), or Hill Street Blues? Still haven’t made up my mind about which version of the Due South theme I like the most: with or without lyrics.
    Speaking of Due South, am I the only one who secretly hopes to
    someday enter a traincompartment, and finding it filled with Mounties who then merrily start singing Ride Forever…?
    I guess I am eh?

    Ans speaking of Battlestar Galactice. We are still waiting for series three to air here in the lowlands….!

  8. Lerxst

    Classic Who music? Time to dust off my copy of Jon Pertwee singing ‘Who is The Doctor?’

    But back to your post Jayne… glad to see Once More With Feeling there (though not actually surprised!). I’d have bought it just for Rest In Peace. And bunnies.

  9. jaynenelson

    They’re not cute like everybody supposes! They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses!

  10. lerxst

    And what do they need such good eyesight for anyway!

    Damn… I’ve now got the soundtrack going round my head…

    But aha…Dave Tennant eat your heart out!

  11. Glen

    Good taste in tunes Jayne. If you like the Supernatural soundtrack you’d love an album called American Heartbeat released in the 80’s but discontinued. You can probably pick up a copy on ebay though. Keep up the good work with the blog – I look forward to it!

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