Dear Santa: please can I have a seaplane in my stocking next Christmas? Thanks!

Today has been lovely and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, if you excuse some guilty glances towards the pile of features I’m supposed to be ploughing my way through this week. Instead of working, I’ve been trotting off to garden centres, filling up hanging baskets and repotting houseplants who were starting to look at me like young Oliver Twists (“Please mum, can we have some more soil?”).

Caspar the cat spent a very relaxed week with me before being rehomed to a young family who will, hopefully, understand just how cool he is and how much he really loves playing with that catnip mouse I sent along with him. Thus, I’m currently cat-less, stress-less (as long as I don’t think about those features) and full of spring-cleaning spirit, which means I’ve also stripped my lounge walls of all their photos and am planning on painting the room a fresh orangey-yellow-beigey colour the minute I feel energetic enough to do it. Or the minute I finish those features, anyway. After all, I have to pay for the paint somehow.

My holiday now seems a distant memory, which good holidays are sadly always wont to do once you return home and get stuck into ordinary things like washing up and vacuuming. During my stay in Vancouver I didn’t get to do some of the things I wanted to do – the work-related ones – but did manage to fit in a few surprises, including taking a flight to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, aboard a seaplane:


Which had to be the highlight of the entire trip, mostly because I adore flying and seaplanes ROCK, but also because we flew over a rainbow and I watched the whole thing curve upside-down beneath us like we were in the centre of a giant prism. Here’s how it looked as we left it behind:


Upon landing in Victoria I had a lovely guided tour of Hatley Castle, otherwise known as Lex’s mansion on Smallville or a certain school for mutants in the second two X-Men movies:


Yup, definitely the highlight of the holiday. Although I have to say that my second trip to Grouse Mountain was rather wonderful, too. Just check out this amazing view:


And I also had the good fortune to run into an episode of Smallville being filmed – quite an important episode, too, but I won’t tell you exactly what I saw or which castmembers were there because I hate spoilers:


To top it all off, on the flight home I got upgraded to business class and was waited on hand-and-foot the entire journey – they offered me a glass of champagne before I’d even sat down! I still don’t quite know how I got the upgrade, but I figure it was because I was nice to the guy at the boarding gate when everyone else was whingey and horrible. Sometimes it pays to smile. Remember that, my young Padawans.

Next up: Los Angeles in October. Although I spent so much in Vancouver I’m not sure I can afford it. I guess I’d better get cracking with those features, then…

… but not before I post a lolcat which made me laugh like a maniac the other day. Bye!




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2 responses to “Dear Santa: please can I have a seaplane in my stocking next Christmas? Thanks!

  1. Ruud V

    Though I never took to the skies in a seaplane before (YET!), I do have the wonderfull experience of flying (as a passenger) over Vancouver Island in a Boeing Chinook from the Canadian Coastguard.
    It was a brilliant experience!
    I only visited Victoria for half a day, and since I was a guest of the Navy Legue of Canada, we didn’t get to do a lot of sightseeing in the city itself. We did visit a navy-yard though, and had a tour aboard a Canadian-built but British-designed Leander-class frigate.
    I loved the trip to Victoria though. Very spacious, especially when coming from a densely populated country like the Netherlands…

  2. jaynenelson

    I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed your flight over the Island too!

    All of Canada is spacious – when I got home I couldn’t believe how narrow our roads are! I love all their monster cars, too. We have 4x4s over here, whereas I reckon theirs are 8x8s…

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