Back To The Grind…

Greetings! I’m back in Blighty (it’s raining, natch) and wracked with guilt over not updating this blog for over a week, but unfortunately I think I left my brain in Vancouver. Not to mention my free time: I have over 200 photographs to sort through, label and put on Facebook (I’ve already sorted through hundreds more) and have spent the last few days fighting off jetlag, trying to get used to London’s pollution and noise and tiny roads (I mean, seriously, could it have hurt to build this city on a grid like those clever people in North America?) and also doing phone interviews with various TV types while staring at the big stack of commissions building up on my desk and wondering when I’ll get my head into gear so I can start writing again.


Oh, and I have a foster cat for the first time since November! Meet Caspar:


He’s a chilled-out, laid-back, playful kitten of a cat who used to be a stray and now follows me everywhere and learnt not to stand on my laptop within a day of me taking him in, so he’s officially a winner. All we have to do now is find him a home!

Right, I’m off to look through a million photographs. Hopefully I’ll have a few ready to put on here soon, with a condensed version of my adventures while I’m at it. As Captain Picard would say to my brain: “Engage!”

(PS I just watched the very first episode of Blood Ties, mainly because so many people had told me I should, and I just finished up four seasons of House and had a slot for a TV show to fill. To my surprise… I liked it. It’s The Dresden Files, but a million times better, and I really like the main character (and not just because she’s called Nelson, although that helps). Shame the lead guy is so young though – I officially can’t ogle him whenever he takes his top off because it feels icky, and he seems to take his top off a lot.



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  1. andrew

    Hi, it’s Andrew Osmond (fellow freelancer, still reviewing for SFX.) Just wanted to wave hello to you (and Caspar, who looks to me like he’s plotting world domination by next Tuesday). Not much to report, just a quick hi! A couple of weeks ago, I caught the Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture – the lecture was fabulous (Steven Pinker on swearing – the filthiest public talk I’ve ever been to, bar none!) As a special bonus, the event also had a guest appearance from most of the original Hitchhikers cast (Simon Jones, Stephen Moore et al) doing a complete read-through of the 2nd episode.
    In other news, I’ll hopefully have a (very) little book on the anime Spirited Away out this summer, touch wood. All best!

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