Evil Crows

I’m having a relaxing Sunday after a week spent running around so much that my once-tight trousers are now seriously in need of a belt (quite amazing, considering how much I’ve eaten while I’m here!). I’ve done something cool every single day, even the days I’ve decided to take off, like today – I’m currently sitting in a coffee house on Broadway using their wifi and watching the world go by the window. Bliss!

Since I last blogged there’s a whole batch of new pictures up on Facebook (now my profile picture is a shot of me with bright ginger hair, in case you want to find me). For your edification and amusement, here are my favourites so far:


This was taken from the top of the Vancouver Lookout, which has a 360-degree observation deck from which you can see all of Vancouver. The pretty building behind the ugly Province skyscraper is Canada Place, a convention centre which also houses the IMAX cinema. It’s not as nice inside as it looks on the outside…


This is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which spans a 270ft drop over a river gorge, and is really rather wobbly indeed. I used to be terrified of heights but now I seem to be fine, although I am hanging on for dear life in this photo:


This is Jericho Beach, just a few minutes from my friend’s house:


And look, here’s a rainbow!


Here’s a cool place – Simon Fraser University:


Some of you may recognise this from Stargate SG-1 or Battlestar Galactica. It was amazing – unlike any university campus I’ve ever seen before, the kind of building which would get listed status in the UK despite all of Middle England hating it because it’s made of concrete. Well, sod them. It’s a work of art!

I’ve also been to the Museum of Anthropology, which contains this impressive sculpture that also appears on the Canadian $20 bill:


This doesn’t appear on any kind of currency though (I wonder why?):


And finally, two pictures I absolutely love (thank you for the loan of the camera, Vanessa!). The corner of Granville and West Broadway with the mountains in the distance:


And some Canadian crows, probably up to no good (they’re really sinister round these parts!):


And that’s all from me today. I have no plans for the next week; I’m going to see where my feet take me. What larks!


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  1. Vanessa

    Glad to see you’re putting the camera to good use, matey. i.e. by making me JEALOUS AS HELL, YOU BITCH! Am also glad you’re having a blast, though. Hurry back so we can scoff chocolate bombes and discuss these phenomenally sexy men you speak of. Vx

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