Welcome To The New And Improved Jayne’s World!

Here’s my new blog. The font’s a little small (I have no idea if I can change it or not) but otherwise I much prefer it. I hope you do too!

And, just to be random, here are some dinosaurs:

Crystal Palace DinosaursCrystal Palace Dinosaurs 2

I went to Crystal Palace yesterday to check out their monsters.

Those Victorians were inspired!



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6 responses to “Welcome To The New And Improved Jayne’s World!

  1. Val

    Can I be the first to say hello! And yay for non-member commenting!


  2. Hurrah for the new blog! The font size is fine for me and the template looks very swish.

  3. yes, lovely new template jayne. muchos profesh! i used to live in sarf lahndahn when i were a nipper and most weekends my mum would take me and my bro to crystal palace park to feed the goats and see the dinos. do they still have goats? and a donkey in the middle? my bro and i would play a game (instigated by my mum i think!) where we had to be as quiet as poss when walking past the dinosaurs or they’d wake up! ah… those were the days. xx

  4. The font is a tad small (or it might be my eyes, which are getting a bit tired with age…), but I really like the new style. And the pic on the header is great.
    I’ll try to make more movies from Jasmijn, so that you can keep admiring her dancing skills. 😉

  5. Ruud V.

    Ups and Downs at the same moment. Just before I visited the new home of your log, I found out that actor Roy Scheider had passed away. It’s abit of a downer, since i like the guy, who has given me many enjoyable moments at the cinema.
    I hope he will be remembered for more than just talking to dolpins of cursing at great white sharks….

  6. Stephen

    I grew up near those dinosaurs too! And I remember seeing them on Blue Peter and being amazed that telly had been near my house. Apparently new research has shown that the castings are anatomically incorrect (but you’d have to be an expert to notice).

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