Change is in the air…

I’ve almost finished transferring the entire contents of this blog over to WordPress, so expect a new URL soon.

Blogger has been a fine home since 2005 but I’m frustrated by its lack of template options and WordPress is far better. Plus, I can have my name in the URL, which seems more professional. At some point I’ll also use WordPress (or possibly another site) to house my columns and more of my work.

Yes, I’ve joined the 21st century. About time, really.

Meanwhile, I’m mourning the loss of Camden’s pub The Hawley Arms, which went up in smoke last night along with a huge chunk of Camden market. I had a lovely meal there a while back with Biddy and her fiance and it was a really nice place, celebrity punters notwithstanding, and it’s also sad to see an old-style business ruined. My heart goes out to all the traders who’ve lost their shops, too. That was an epic blaze. Thankfully nobody seems to have been hurt, which is a bit of a miracle.

Today I’m off to Crystal Palace to look at the dinosaurs, during which time I’ll try very hard not to think of a) all the work I should be doing today instead, b) the fact that the Writers’ Strike is nearly over and c) the fact I’ll be in Vancouver in three weeks’ time. All these things could be linked. I have to wait and see.

And how are you guys? The good thing about WordPress is that you can leave comments even if you don’t have a Blogger account. Woohoo!



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4 responses to “Change is in the air…

  1. Ruud V.

    Too bad about Camden, I scored a few very nice Blue Peter-annuals and old Doctor Who magazines there, a very long time ago

    I only visited the airport of Vancouver on my way to Vancouver-island, but I do know for an almost sure fact that the name Vancouver comes from the Dutch van Koevorden, meaning “from (the town of) Koevorden”. It seems there were settlers there from this rural Dutch city.
    No, I have no idea why I shared this…

    We are doing fine. Jasmijn recently turned 3, and because of some infernal bloody Barbie-DVD’s she is now crazy about dancing and princesses.
    She moves the table aside when Barbie dances, so she can dance along in front of the tv. Go to Lília’s weblog to see a small film: (and a beautifull painting a friend of ours surprised us with)

    So every saturdaymorning I load her on my bicycle and we cycle to the local dance- and balletstudio, where she is having the time of her life.

    More good news: I just read somewhere that the Sarah Jane adventures will get another series, which makes me smile. As a very young teenager, Elisabeth Sladen was the first “celebrity-crush” that I had.
    (Sally Carr was the second)…

    And they are finally releasing The Equalizer on DVD. YAY!
    For reasons nobody will probable understand this pleases me….

    …Oh, and we went to a great concert by The Nits, who started a new tour because of their new album “doing the dishes”.
    Great stuff!
    Anyone know them (I know Jayne has)?
    They are from the Netherlands….

  2. jaynenelson

    Rather bizarrely, the man who discovered Vancouver (George Vancouver) is buried not 15 minutes’ walk from my house here in Richmond. I take that as a sign that I should visit Vancouver as much as possible!

    I’ll have a look at that video when I get a second – thanks for the link! And don’t feel bad about liking The Equalizer. Hey, I used to watch Dynasty…

  3. jaynenelson

    Just watched it. Awwwwww! She’ll be dancing at the Royal Opera House here in London before you know it!

  4. Ruud V.

    Oops, I once read in a (Dutch) article that Vancouver got it’s name from the Dutch Van Koevorden”, and now it turns out it isn’t true at all! Sorry….?

    Jasmijn dancing is indeed quite a sight. Heh, you should see her at the dancestudio, twirling in her own little world in her pink tutu in front of the big mirrors. Utter bliss….

    Dynasty eh? Suddenly I don’t feel awkward anymore. The Equalizer has a much cooler themetune, by the way. Rock on Steward Copeland!

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