Rotten Swizz!

What, so Dean Winchester wasn’t available?

Still… Peter will do. *grin*



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8 responses to “Rotten Swizz!

  1. Ruud Visser

    ….coincidence or not, but didn’t they both play Rory’s boyfriend on the Gilmore girls at some time?

  2. Krazy

    I couldn’t get it to say anything other than Dean. But Peter is sweet, he’s more powerful than Dean.

    Just run away if he starts to explode.

  3. Jayne Nelson

    Just run away if he starts to explode.

    Um… you didn’t mean this to sound rude, right?

    And Ruud, you’re mixing up Dean Winchester with Sam Winchester. Jared Padalecki starred in Gilmore Girls, not Jensen Ackles! But it would’ve been damn freaky if it HAD been the other way around…

  4. Kikishua

    I was aiming for Chuck Bartowski but it was Dean Winchester no matter how I tried to warp my answers (and from the comments under the quiz he was a pretty commonmatch).

    Ah, but have you ever matched your biorhythm cycles (physical, emotional, intellectual) against the celebrity bloke of your dreams?
    I speak as the smug person who is 99% physically compatible with Nathan Fillion… (which compensates for the fact that overall Ron Howard/Emilio Estevez/Dolph Lundgren are touted as my overall matches!).

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Hmmm… that website seems suspiciously close to a way of stalking all those poor unsuspecting actors to me!

    However, if you take it with a pinch of salt, I am 92% compatible with one guy I like very much (I won’t say who!), and only 7% compatible with another I like even more. I say again, “Rotten Swizz!”

  6. Biddy Brumpton

    Yes, I’m sorry, but apparently Dean’s waiting at home for me with a sock puppet and a stolen diamond necklace.

    What am I saying?

    I’m not sorry at all…

  7. Lizwc

    I wanted Nick Cutter from Primeval…. but I got Dean instead…. It’s a hard life…

  8. Krazy

    Um… you didn’t mean this to sound rude, right?

    *scratches head* In what way? I was thinking of the end of season 1.

    Could probably make it rude if necessary though. *g*

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