It’s Physics, Okay?

Everything’s gone a little bit hectic recently and I’m currently so busy I’ve got to that terrible stage where I feel guilty taking time out to do anything except sit at my computer and type.

However, today I still managed to go for a lovely walk to Richmond Park (where I promptly got horribly lost and had to ask two policemen for directions, to my eternal embarrassment) and I’ve just put aside the time to watch the first three episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles in a row.

To my surprise, it’s far better than it has any right to be. Lena Headey is great as Sarah Connor, angsting, brooding and pouting for all she’s worth; Thomas Dekker is striking just the right note as John Connor (as long as you forget he was already played by Ed Furlong and Nick Stahl) and Summer Glau as Cameron is a flippin’ delight. Although I have to say that I don’t care if she’s a Terminator, she’s still FAR TOO TINY to kick quite that much ass. Terminators may be strong, but they cannae break the laws of physics and pound to the ground objects far bigger than themselves with equal strength.

I have a feeling this is going to bug me like crazy for the series’ entire run…

And in totally unrelated news, I got a new scanner! Which means I could finally scan in this photo of me pretending to read the news at NBC Studios, New York:

There aren’t many photos in existence of me wearing glasses because I usually wear contacts, but I think they lend me an air of ‘news anchor gravitas’ here. I look very much at home. I’m pining for the autocue already…


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4 responses to “It’s Physics, Okay?

  1. Ruud Visser

    ….I wonder if you are at that moment were thinking if your bum looks too big in that set….?

  2. Jayne Nelson


  3. Ruud Visser

    ….er, I would never say something like that to any woman. I am too attached to my dangly bits.
    I was just – haha – referring to a recurring character on (I think)the Fast Show …

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