Chilly Squirrels

I’m flying off to New York today, fog permitting (I don’t live far from Heathrow and it’s a proper pea-souper out there). I’ll be taking Shep with me and my hotel has wifi, so with luck I’ll be able to update this blog while I’m there. Just in case I can’t, I’ll say a hearty “Merry Christmas” right now!

It’s cold in New York at the moment, but it’s also cold here in London. Check out the frozen lake in Regent’s Park:

I felt sorry for the park’s squirrels, so I took them some nuts last week. Apparently everybody else and their uncle gives them nuts, too, so they get quite cocky. And there’s a lot of them…

… although they don’t always get on, as this video proves:

Next park I’ll walk through? Central Park. Wonder if the New York squirrels act any differently?



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2 responses to “Chilly Squirrels

  1. neil h

    Happy Christmas Jayne, and have a fantastic time in New York!

  2. Lerxst

    Happy Christmas! – hope you had/have a great time.

    Don’t know about NY squirrels but there are some in the woods at Davos in Switzerland, which will take nuts from your hand. And if you make the mistake of running out of nuts, they’ll climb up your trouser leg (outside I’m glad to say), searching, as if they think you’re just hiding them.

    I ended up with a squirrel clinging to my jumper, about 3 inches from my chin, before it decided to give up and jump down.

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