Start spreading the news/ I’m leavin’ today…

… Although I’m actually leaving on 23 December, but the principle’s the same. Yes – to celebrate my return to the outside world I’ve booked four nights in wonderful New York over Christmas! I’ve never been, I’ve always wanted to see the city and I had just enough left on my credit card to pay for the trip. (I’m trying not to think about how that money should probably have gone to the taxman next year. Oh well.)

I emailed the Empire State Building yesterday to ascertain their plans for Christmas Day and discovered that they’re open until 2am. So, I’m going to watch the sunset from the once-tallest-building-in-the-world, probably singing “Ding dong merrily on high” and irritating everybody around me. Now THERE’S a plan!

(Additional cool factor: there’s an email in my inbox right now which says “Sender: The Empire State Building”. I had an image of the skyscraper trying to get its ginormous concrete fingers to fit on a keyboard…)

Next up: Vancouver in March, to stay with my lovely friend Justine. I’m probably booking the ticket next week. Money? Be damned. I have a lifetime to pay it off. After having such a rotten year healthwise, I’ve realised that life is too bloody short to worry about a few hundred quid. If my back gives out again and surgery can’t help, I’ll regret never strolling through Central Park. Some things just have to be done, dangnabbit!

I’m a teeny tiny bit excited now.

On Monday I had a fabulous time in Camden with artist Judith Clute, who is now one of my most favouritest people after a four-hour gossip and a tour of her extraordinary house. Books, books, paintings and more books… it was incredible. Barely a flash of bare wall in the building! What a marvellous woman she is – and so inspiring. She also knows Harlan Ellison, who you may spot further down on this blog in an earlier entry, and regaled me with tales of his very own spectacular house. Suddenly my flat, decorated as it is with floor-to-ceiling pictures and stuffed with so many plants it resembles the forests of Borneo, seems very drab indeed.

I need to buy me some bookshelves.



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6 responses to “Start spreading the news/ I’m leavin’ today…

  1. Anny

    i don’t know you go to the other side of the world but you haven’t been to Bath:(

  2. Sarah

    hmmm, the future xmas party on the one hand; xmas in new york on t’other. i know which one i’d choose.

    have a fantabulous time. do take care though, i’m starting to worry that in all your excitement and doing everything all at once, you might have an accident.

  3. Jayne Nelson

    Ooh. That sounded vaguely like a threat, Sarah… (!)

  4. Ruud Visser

    Have fun! Lília has been to New York a few times and loves the place. She has vowed that we will go there together someday, so who knows, eh?

    Two suggestions though.
    When the Grammercy Riffs are organising a big meeting in the Bronx, stay away from the subway! Especially from any train the covers the distance bewteen the Bronx and Coney Island.

    Oh, and when you notice people erecting a giant wall all around Manhattan, leave! Go home and don’t look back…

    Of Vancouver I can only say that it has a nice clean airport. And maybe do some free-lancing there? I understand that there are filmcrews shooting on every corner, so it must be easy money for a visiting media-journo, right?

  5. Jenni

    Cool! SFX in the City! Enjoy yourself – I know I did. 🙂

  6. GoldAnne

    Hope you have a wonderful time Jayne!!!
    been blog catching up!!!!
    Anne x

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