Photo Play

Wow, I have a lot of photos to post today! (Apologies if the formatting looks funny on your screen – I can’t seem to get it to work…)

First off, I am SFX‘s “Flame-Haired Vixen Of Science Fiction” once more:

And, as you can see from this shot of me investigating a sculpture in Regents Park, I’m also upright and walking again:

I’m walking so much, in fact, that I have blisters on my poor unused feet. After such a horrible, painful year, just looking up and seeing a sky instead of a ceiling is bliss personified. Here’s what I found by the London Eye a few days ago:

Seeing such a whopping Anubis prompted me to buy tickets for the Tutankhamun exhibition, so I guess he did his job. Got me hankering after a few Stargate SG-1 episodes, too…

Unfortunately, my return to the outside world means I can’t foster any felines for a while, seeing as I’m rarely home to look after them. Joss and Wash – the ginger kittens I took in two months ago – are finally well enough to go to a new home tomorrow, although quite how I’m going to say goodbye to this cuteness is beyond me:

(Of course, ten seconds after I took this pic, they were beating each other up. They can only be cute in short bursts.) The boys have grown like mad since I got them, and here’s the proof. Remember how Joss used to watch Michael Palin’s Around The World In Eighty Days?

He still likes travel shows. This is him watching Ewan McGregor in Long Way Down the other night. My, how he’s grown!

And that’s quite enough of the pictures, thank you!

So… thanks to all the SFX readers who’ve wished me well after the operation. Rest assured I should be writing my next column right now instead of messing about on my blog, so, um, I guess things are back to normal!



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2 responses to “Photo Play

  1. Badger Madge

    I was just about to coo like a granny and say “ooooh, asnee groooowwwwnnn!” bless his ginger furry socks.

    glad you’re up and about, love the new hair (goes really well with your eyes) and looking forward to your next column (i confess to having a bit of a panic that i couldn’t find it last ish – “they haven’t moved it AGAIN have they?!”).

    i have medium-sized news. i shall email you about it xxx

  2. neil h

    Hurrah for the flame haired vixen! You weren’t kidding about it being bright, were you? 🙂

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