I had the staples in my back taken out today by a rather harrassed nurse, who informed me that I’d “feel a little pinch” and then proceeded to do something that felt as though she was poking me very hard in the spine with a toasting fork. Ouch!

And that’s it – now that my staples are out, I’m almost 100% again! I’m a little bit wobbly but otherwise perfectly capable of walking without pain for the first time this year. I’m so happy I could pop! I keep thinking of excuses to go outside. In a minute I’m nipping down the road to Tesco’s just to buy some pickled onions – anything to get out of the flat! It’s bliss. It really is. I can’t even express how wonderful it is to clean my teeth STANDING UP… to wash dishes STANDING UP… to see the outside world STANDING UP, without any pain at all. I’ve got my life back!

I went for a stroll a few days ago and had the misfortune to witness a motorbike accident next to my house. Thankfully nobody was hurt – although quite how the biker avoided breaking his neck, I have no idea – but I’m still feeling embarrassed by the fact I grabbed my phone to call an ambulance and stupidly dialled 911 instead of 999.

I really need to stop watching so much American television, don’t I?



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2 responses to “Walkies!

  1. neil h

    Hurrah! Fantastic news!

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