I’m Now In Debt To A Nice Man Named Nigel

There are three things you should know about spinal surgery:

1) When you wake up, the first thing you will find yourself doing is wiggling your toes in a post-operative panic. I’m happy to say that mine wiggled quite nicely.

2) The stitches and staples and incision don’t hurt at all afterwards, but the bruises from the sliced muscles at the base of your back really, really, REALLY do.

3) There is no feeling on Earth as wonderful as the feeling you get when a nice surgeon named Nigel tells you that “It all went very well.”

And he’s right: my sciatica seems to have gone. I can stand up without excruciating pain, although admittedly the joy is somewhat deadened by the pain from the operation itself. I’m still rather befuddled by it all and almost totally incapable of sitting for very long (hence this being a short post), so I think I’ll celebrate in a week or so when I’m feeling better. In the meantime, I want to thank everybody for all the good wishes – they meant a lot! It won’t be long before this blog is back to its usual (hopefully) interesting self.

Two more things: after the surgery, when I woke up in post-op shivering like a lunatic but luckily not feeling any after-effects from the anaesthetic at all (I’m tellin’ ya, it’s my superpower!), the nurse handed me a small vial and said, “Do you want this?”

The vial contained the pieces of the disc the surgeon had shaved away in order to free my trapped nerve. Gross as it was, I laughed so much another nurse came over to ask if I was alright. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the offending bits of disc: a ceremonial burning might suffice. Little bastards made my life hell for nearly a year, so it’s about time they suffered too!

Oh, and look who came to visit me:

I was really humbled that Sam and Dean Winchester could take time out from their busy demon-hunting schedule to drop by Charing Cross Hospital, and would like to thank Vanessa and Gillen for showing them where my room was. Shame they didn’t bring the car, though, but the suspension would most likely have murdered my back.



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5 responses to “I’m Now In Debt To A Nice Man Named Nigel

  1. Lerxst

    Excellent news! Glad you’re out, on the mend, and all went well. Here’s hoping the pain from the op eases quickly – for what it’s worth, the pain from my encounters with the barbers has always eased surprisingly quickly. Admittedly I’ve never had a spinal op though.

  2. Jenni

    Yay! Good news re your op. Have you thought about making the offending bits of disc into a necklace? I was always creative….NOT!

  3. Jayne Nelson

    A necklace… hmm… maybe I should wear the bits in a vial around my neck, like Angelina Jolie did with Billy Bob Thornton’s blood. It’d be a nice reminder of the hell I went through. And a nasty surprise if anyone mugged me for it!

  4. Larc

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  5. Badger Madge

    hey jayne, really sorry i’ve not been about. the pwers that be have slapped my wrists for using the internet too much in work time (they don’t appreciate the art that is bmtv…).

    i’ve still been reading your blog though, very quickly on lunch breaks, or at home, snatching moments by the pooter from my badger.

    so glad the op went well and that you can now stand and sit and lie like wot normal people do and that. yay to nigel.


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