Day 59: About Bloody Time!

My surgery is on Thursday!

I’m so excited I think the doctors may need to double my anaesthetic to keep me under. By the weekend – with luck – I might be able to stand up without being in pain!

(Well, other than the pain from the surgery, obviously.)

I’ll blog again next week – and hopefully I’ll be able to talk about normal things again! Fingers crossed…



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7 responses to “Day 59: About Bloody Time!

  1. neil h

    Good luck with the surgery, and get well soon!

  2. Mattc

    Good Luck – hope you’re back soon

  3. Farran

    Good Luck and a speedy recovery so you can experience the outdoors again 🙂

  4. GoldAnne

    Good luck Jayne !!!
    I will be thinking of you,
    Take care
    love Anne xxxxxx

  5. Tara

    YAY!!! Hope you feel alright and will be back soon!

  6. Raj

    Good luck! Hope the surgery goes well and you’re back on form soon.

  7. Lizwc

    Hope it all went ok? Hope you’re feeling better? Hope the silence on the blog front is cos you’re out dancing on the streets or running after handsome men again or going to the cinema non-stop celebrating your new-found freedom

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