Day 44: Friends Reunited

Last night, my friend Stephen sent me a text message which announced that he was about to watch the first episode of season three of Supernatural and that it was like “hugging an old friend”.

I thought that was a wonderful analogy (and, as it turns out, was precisely how it felt when I watched the episode, too), so I’m going to use it to describe the return of another show I love: Top Gear, which embarked on its new series earlier this evening.

As ever, it was anarchic and daft and just a little offensive, but the best bit came when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May went to Stelvio in Italy and ended up on this road…

… which Clarkson described as “fifteen miles of ashphalt spaghetti dropped on an Alp.”

I’m now so intimidated by this feat of verbal brilliance that I’ve decided to give up being a writer. Instead, I’m going to live in a cowshed in Tibet and stare at the mountains all day.


(Incidentally, I have a long-lost brother – who I haven’t seen since 1995 thanks to his globetrotting – and he really did live in a cowshed in Tibet for a while. For all I know, he’s sitting in one right now. Must run in the family…)



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4 responses to “Day 44: Friends Reunited

  1. Lerxst

    Nooooo!! Don’t go!!!
    (Someone had to say it, though I’m slightly shocked its taken almost 24 hours.)

    Agree about Top Gear.. excellent show.. and I see the Mighty Jezza has a new paperback out

  2. Sarah

    am i the only one who can see a face in that road??

  3. GoldAnne

    amazing ziggy zaggy path!!!

    sarah do u mean face in the middle of zig zag path ?

  4. Lerxst

    “am i the only one who can see a face in that road??”

    Don’t tell me the Hamster has crashed again!

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