Day 43: Red Deer And Sea Galleons

It was my birthday on Monday. Never before has a 36-year-old woman received so many pieces of tat which should have been burned before they even left the shop. Needless to say, I loved every last gift!

In between the plastic Dalek and the Harry Potter annual, the packet of chocolate ghosts (with a note from Biddy telling me to spread them around my bedroom to see if the spook-chasing Winchesters would turn up to deal with them) and the Jonathan Ross calendar which has to be seen to be believed because it’s so hilariously bad, I also got 300, The Life Of Mammals, Blue Hawaii and Due South‘s second season on DVD. Someone also burned me a copy of a rare Neil Finn song I’d been pining for in a move which, 90 plays later, has quite worn out my iPod.

Add to that an autographed copy of Darren Shan’s new book (which had me howling like a banshee with laughter at what he’d scribbled in the front), the 300 graphic novel and the complete Sherlock Holmes saga in Penguin paperback, and I guess you could say it was quite a haul.

To top it off, two days later I actually got to leave the house, heading to Richmond Park for a picnic with author Steph Swainston, who’d kindly offered the use of her car. It was only the second time we’d hung out together – we first went for a drink after I reviewed her last book (she wasn’t my pal when I read it, so don’t think I was biased when I gave it five stars!) – but we had a great day of gossip and good food.

We also went for a drive to Hampton Court, though without the use of a wheelchair I couldn’t do much when I got there, so we went back to Richmond Park and ogled King Henry VIII’s deer in lieu of his house. They were just as pretty, if a little noisier.

After 40-odd days confined to my flat, it was bliss personified. To be able to focus on things FAR AWAY as opposed to the inside of my four walls – however nice my four walls are – did my eyes the world of good.

All in all, my birthday was rather lovely; thank you to everybody involved!

(Of course, last year I had a phone call from Jared Padalecki. I was kind of hoping Jensen Ackles would ring for a chat this time round, but he was obviously too busy hunting chocolate ghosts in someone else’s bedroom. Pah.)

Oh, and I promised to keep you posted on the random nuggets of information I pick up from David Attenborough’s Life On Earth series. And thus I can proudly inform you that in episode two David tells us that “flatworms are very flat” (well, duh). However, in episode three he announces that “ammonites sailed the prehistoric seas like galleons”, which is a wondrous image indeed.

Who knew the old chap was a poet at heart?



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7 responses to “Day 43: Red Deer And Sea Galleons

  1. Lerxst

    Ammonites had sails?! Why do they not tell you these things in GCSE biology….

    Anyhow, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Enjoy this silly gem from the legendary Mr Thompson:

  2. Raj

    Another belated happy birthday šŸ™‚

    I may not be able to match lerxst’s link, but here’s a cool webcomic (*):

    Dark Red Comics

    (*) Okay, it’s made by a friend of mine, and I’ve got a cameo coming up at some point, but that’s not the point, it’s still cool :o).

  3. neil h

    Belated birthday wishes with virtual jelly and ice cream from me as well!

  4. Ruud Visser

    A belated happy birthday from us as well. Glad it was a nice day, with presents were abundance.
    The remark about the wheelchair scared us a bit though…

    Concerning Attenborough, at the moment there is some controversy concerning this series here in the Netherlands. It turned out that the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Company bought it, but before airing, removed all references dealing with evolution.
    The BBC seems to be okay with it, they say, and the programme is now more according to what the viewers believe.

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Okay, that Richard Thompson song? Hilarious! And frighteningly catchy…

    That comic looked interesting, Raj. Who are you playing in your cameo?

    And the thought of all references to evolution being edited out of Life On Earth DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

    Plus the series will be about five minutes long.

  6. Raj

    I’m playing a guy possessed by a demon who gets beaten up, er, exorcised, by the good guys :).

  7. GoldAnne

    Hi Jayne
    Hoping the hospital get you better very soon ,
    Glad you got to go out! sounded super,Happy birthday again,
    Doubt it my pressie arrived yet,, you need to go out with it though lol.
    love Anne xxx

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