Day 40: The Cat Bore Returns

Sorry for the delay between blog entries – I’ll post properly tomorrow. In the meantime, have some pictures of the two kittens I’m fostering this week:

That’s Joss on top and Wash under him. (And there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…)

They’re hugely cute, as kittens always are, but have cat flu so they’ve been sneezing all over the place and generally being all poorly-like. They sleep a lot, too:

…although they’re happy to pose for photos:

And they enjoy being cute, as this video of Wash proves:

And watching TV, as this video of Joss proves (I was cross-legged on the sofa and he was between my knees, in case this looks a bit strange):

And they’re also happy to leap on the laps of passing visitors (in this case, SFX‘s Dave Golder):

And that’s probably enough about kittens for today.



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9 responses to “Day 40: The Cat Bore Returns

  1. Lerxst

    One word: awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. Heppy

    Aww, they’re gorgeous!

    And has Golder shrunk?

  3. neil h

    You can never have too many kitten pictures. Joss looks very like my new kitten Daisy

  4. Lizwc

    They’re sooooooo cute!!!! awwwwwwww if I didn’t already have the world’s best cat I’d be begging to be allowed to have them

  5. Anny

    couldn’t you convince Dave to have them then?
    so what was it that Joss was watching? the car didn’t look familiar.

  6. Jayne Nelson

    Joss was watching CSI. Did you not hear me say it in the video? He’s got an interest in forensics, apparently.

  7. GoldAnne

    wow what gorgeous gingers my fav colour for puddies, ive missed out on a lot of kitties ,didnt realise you had those 2—- you look great too!!!!
    love anne xxx

  8. Jenni

    Love the kittens and love the cushions!! I got my kitten on Monday and she’s lovely!

  9. Sarah

    *adopts high-pitched patronising baby voice*
    Hello liddle puddy! Hello! Who’s a cute widdle puddy?

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