Day 27: The Attenborough Years

In answer to a couple of comments on my last entry…

Yes, I saw the Jonathan Ross documentary on Steve Ditko and I loved it, especially the sight of Jonathan and Neil Gaiman giggling like schoolkids outside Ditko’s office at the end. Hilarious! They’re both so famous themselves and, especially in Neil’s case, have a huge following, and seeing them reduced to fanboy squealing (“He gave us comics!”) was a joy. What a great programme.

And I’m still reeling from the thought of Jeffrey Dean Morgan possibly wearing a leather codpiece in Watchmen. It’s been months and I am, as yet, unable to believe it’ll really happen. If they change his costume I’m going to be seriously miffed…

Meanwhile, I’m still stuck in the house, currently cat-less (though I’m sure it won’t be long now) and inundated with work. Today I wrote 2,000 words and have another 3,000 to write by Monday. It’s marvellous to be busy, because not only am I (just about!) making up for not being able to get into an office to work, but I’m able to take my mind off being housebound. That said, I keep gazing wistfully out of my window at the planes heading to and from Heathrow Airport, and if I’m lucky enough to get fixed by Christmas – which isn’t looking likely, but who knows – I’m bloody spending it in New York. I’ve never been and oh my god wouldn’t it be the best way to celebrate my new freedom?

In fact, I’m going to go to Times Square and yell “Hello New York!” like Hiro in Heroes.

Yup. It’s a date. Watch this space…

I also treated myself to the ENTIRE David Attenborough back catalogue on DVD, although I probably shouldn’t have, but the call of the wild was too strong. Now I have every major show he’s ever done, from Life On Earth to Planet Earth, and I’m expecting to know a rather impressive amount of random crap about animals very soon. Once I’ve watched them all, you can ask me anything. Go on! I’ll know the answer! I’ve already watched the first episode of Life On Earth and I now know that there are no fossils at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (where the rocks are two thousand million years old) but there are on the shores of Lake Superior, where the rocks are the same age but are flinty, not sandstoney, and therefore hold the fossils better – and that the fossils in question are responsible for providing our planet with oxygen.


Wonder what I’ll learn in episode two?



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5 responses to “Day 27: The Attenborough Years

  1. Ben

    That’s not fair! How come Attenborough has a whole back catalogue whereas you don’t even have one back?

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Now that comment, my good sir, is fecking genius!

  3. Anny

    Hey we have the Blue planet and Planet earth but maybe could we borrow the others some time?

  4. Lerxst

    Maybe you can choose a new back from David’s catalogue? 🙂

    Hope you make it to NY. Definitely worth the experience, though personally I’d recommend Frisco or Boston much much more…. I spent a week in NY trying to work out what was missing from previous trips to the US, and then, when I moved on to Indianapolis, it dawned on me – there was none of the friendliness, genuine or otherwise; New Yorkers were just as surly and miserable as your average London Tube passenger.

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