Day 23: Same Old, Same Old

I haven’t been posting much recently, for obvious reasons: I’m stuck in the house and there’s bugger-all going on.

I could write about my work (proofing, fact-checking, reviewing) or my reading (Watchmen rocked my world) or my TV-viewing (I’m not sure I’m going to watch season three of Prison Break, because after finishing season two I was starting to feel quite ill from all the tension). But, frankly, none of that’s very interesting.

I could also write about the cats I’ve been fostering. This is the lovely Tux…

… who found a new home last night, although he hid when his new family came to pick him up. Can you spot him?

I won’t write about him, though, because I’m becoming a cat bore.

Which leaves… well, nothing really. I can’t even talk about the weather because I’ve not been outside to experience it. I think I should give up on this post and come back when I’ve got something to discuss.

So I will.



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6 responses to “Day 23: Same Old, Same Old

  1. Almagill

    Nope, I tried coming up with something witty and uplifting to post here but, meh, nothing.

    I blame the weather. It’s raining so hard I’m sure I just saw Noel Coward, outside my sitting room window, re-enacting scenes from In Which We Serve.

    Or maybe I’m going stir crazy?

  2. neil h

    Cats are never boring!

  3. Lizwc

    I’m not bored with your cats! I love hearing about your cats and seeing their pictures. I agree with neil h, cats are never boring….

    or – and frankly I’m amazed you’ve not talked about this. You could talk about how great it is that Jeffrey D Morgan is going to be the Comedian? That’s the best bit of casting news I’ve heard in ages. Surely you’re pleased too?

  4. montchan (MJ Bliss)

    You can always write about cats. Cats are never boring!
    More cats! More cats! More cats!

  5. Sarah

    Heh heh! Funny little scamp. Agreed, cats are never dull. More cats please.

  6. Lerxst

    Have to agree with the majority – cats are never boring. I’m just amazed you can hand them over… I’d be there going “no..staying… mine… mine”. Unless they weren’t house-trained, of course, then they’d be out like a shot.

    Talking of Watchmen, decent little documentary on last night on Steve Ditko (there’s a link to Rorschach, ok). Shame though that it just dismissed his politics as wacky, rather than exploring them in a bit more depth because for me its the politics that make him interesting.

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