Day Fifteen: In Which The Cat Returns (not Mal, alas) And The Prisoners Run

Still no word on my surgery; my doctor is chasing up the appointment like… um… a doctor chasing up an appointment. Go doctor!

In the meantime I’m still stuck indoors. Thankfully I’m not quite stir crazy yet, even after over two weeks. I did manage to escape to the cinema a few days ago using copious amounts of buses and benches along the way: even so, I was in severe pain on the way home. However, it was worth it because I’d missed the press screening of The Bourne Ultimatum a while back and was thinking I’d have to see it on DVD (which isn’t quite the same).

And you know what? I may never recover from the sight of JASON BOURNE standing in WH Smiths at Waterloo Station. Or seeing MATT DAMON standing by the platform I’ve used for three years to get to and from work. It’s like something fictional has become real, entering our world. Loved it! (Although a word to the wise: never eat a monster bag of Skittles while watching a film shot entirely on hand-held camera. Half the reason I felt so bad on the journey home involved my swirly tummy…)

The kittens were rehomed a week ago and saying goodbye wasn’t half as bad as I expected. The family they went to were so lovely I was actually quite thrilled for them, although their new names – Wafer and Rat – gave me pause for thought. I do miss having them scampering about, though, and begged the animal rescue peeps for another cat, which they duly provided. Bizarrely, I only had the RIDICULOUSLY FAT Sox (renamed Hippo by me, after my legs went dead as she sat on my lap) for one night before the owner called me in floods of tears, desperate to get her back, and saying that her son would just have to live with his cat-aggravated asthma.

Cat owners are strange.

Anyway, I should have a new kitty soon. This fostering lark is a revolving door of feline fun!

Due to my being-stuck-in-the-house-ness, I have no other exciting news, other than a list of all the things I’ve watched on DVD since my forced imprisonment. So, for your entertainment, here it is:

1) Copious episodes of a show called The Collector (see my next SFX column for details).
2) A film named The Proposition starring Ray Winstone and Guy Pearce (utterly transfixing).
3) Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (utterly beautiful, if a little disappointing towards the end).
4) Dreamgirls (utterly forgettable, apart from Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar-winning performance – although that Oscar really should have gone to Adriana Barraza for Babel).
5) The first episode of Dexter (which I fear I shall become utterly addicted to).
6) The entire first series of The IT Crowd (for the second time) and its six hours of commentaries.
7) Very nearly the entire second season of Prison Break, which has been giving me hugely vivid dreams of being on the run and having the police on my tail (or even hordes of zombies – yeeuch). I don’t mind the dreams, though, because Dominic Purcell spends a considerable amount of season two looking sweaty with his shirt undone. If only my subconscious would conjure him up to keep me warm at night. He’d fight the zombies for me…

As though all this wasn’t enough, I still have a phenomenal amount of stuff left to get through, including the rental DVDs being sent to me by Amazon (today’s arrival: Slither) and my two R1 box sets of Heroes season one and Supernatural season two. And did I mention all the reading? Everything from Watchmen (because I last read it ten years ago) to Neverwhere to Michael Palin’s diaries. I’ve got work to do, too – quite a lot of it, in fact.

I don’t really have time to be bored.

Right, I have seven episodes of Prison Break left before the new season begins. Better get cracking…



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5 responses to “Day Fifteen: In Which The Cat Returns (not Mal, alas) And The Prisoners Run

  1. Kikishua

    When I saw the title I thought maybe your runaway cat had returned. Ah well. 😦

    And I’ve seen up to episode 2 of the second season of Dexter – and it’s totally fabulous.

  2. Jayne Nelson

    That’s a good point! I’ll rename this entry so nobody else thinks poor Thomas came back (though there was a sighting the other day – but I’m 99% certain it wasn’t him…).

    I never thought I’d ever have too much telly to watch, but I have. Wagh! Nice position to be in, though!

  3. Lerxst

    Personally, I’m just making my through the new Danger Man boxed set….

    And then there’s the long overdue R2 release of the Key to Time boxed set coming….

    Oh happy days. Me, retro?

    Anyway, good on Sox’s owner – make the little brat get over his allergy by being submerged in cat fur until his body adjusts!

  4. Ruud Visser

    I am curious about the third Bourne-movie, but the Bourne-films are only very loosely based on the novels I hold dear. “Supremacy” and “Ultimatum” I think only have the titles in common with the books. And I think Damon is too young for Bourne. Anyone remember the miniseries with Richard Chamberlain and Jaqueline Smith?
    Not a bad adaption….
    But I will see “Ultimatum”. I just don’t know if it will be on DVD or on the telly.

  5. Badger Madge

    Was Neverwhere that TV prog about the Underground? I remember watching it aaaages ago, but can’t actually remember much about it…

    Yay to Fat Sox and his devoted owner. There are tablets one can get for cat-related allergies you know.

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