Day Eight: Are They Having A Laugh?

Well, I’m not sure what Charing Cross Hospital are trying to tell me… but rather than sending me an appointment for spinal surgery, today I received an appointment for brain surgery.

Unless they intend to reach my poorly disc by running a scalpel down the inside of my spine from my brain… I think they fucked up.

Made me laugh though. I’m sure my doctor will sort them out on Monday!

I’m now on my eighth day of being confined to my house and am happy to say that it’s not half as bad as I was expecting. I thought I’d be bored, miserable and depressed. Instead I’ve been hugely busy working from home – it looks like that will keep up, too, which is wonderful – and I’ve had loads of visitors. And then there have been these guys to contend with:

I know they’ll be rehomed at some point, but until then it’s like having my own clown circus bouncing around the house. (Nice clowns, though, not freaky homicidal clowns like the one from Stephen King’s It.)

Last night I watched Top Gun for the very first time (yeah, I know) with kittens snuggled under my chin, purring, and occasionally pouncing on the planes on the TV screen like they were birds. Adorable. Far more adorable than the film, though. I don’t get it – how come it made Tom Cruise a sex symbol? He’s about as sexy as the contents of the kittens’ litter tray!

The best bit was when The Cruiser jumped out of his plane at the end and the 6ft 4in Tim Robbins loomed up behind him and made him look about three feet tall. Ha! It took my breath away, it did.



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8 responses to “Day Eight: Are They Having A Laugh?

  1. Ruud Visser

    Brainsurgery eh? Could be worse. I understand that Charing Cross is also renowned for Gender Re-assignment Surgery. Oh well, Firefly taught us that Jayne can be a boy’s name as well…..

  2. GoldAnne

    Hi Jayne,
    brain surgery hmmmm !!!
    do hope u will be fit again soon!!
    gorgeous NAUTIE kittens !!!
    re tom cruise I loved that film
    and him in it !!! thats worrying I usually like your hunks lol!!!
    take care !!!
    (I lost my blog , and had to google jaynes world to get it !
    (cool huh)

  3. Badger Madge

    top gun was played more or less on loop when i was a kid *sings highway to the danger zone wicki wicki wah!* and so i find it a bit odd that you didn’t like it, but it’s obv a kids’/young boys’ film.

    did you not even like val kilmer playing topless volleyball??? no?!

  4. Ruud Visser

    Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins and Val Kilmer in Top Gun? I only remember Kelly McGillis, and a bit of Meg Ryan on the side….

  5. Lerxst

    Well good luck Jayne. Here’s hoping things get sorted quicky and they haven’t decided to remove the pain by detaching a few nerve connections!

    By the way, one very amusing book to grab if you get chance is Nigel Smith’s ‘I think there’s something wrong with me’.. but wait until you get out as a large chunk of it recounts time in, er, Charing Cross Hospital.

  6. Lizwc

    I never got Tom Cruise either. He spends most of Top Gun being a jerk… mind you it was a slightly more imaginative film than “Days of Thunder” or “Top Gun on wheels” as my friends and I called it… noteworthy only cos the Cruise got Nicole Kidman cast as his girlfriend so he’d get a chance to cop off with her.
    Hope you get the Brain surgery thing sorted… I don’t like to think of you going through the wrong operation out of politeness… 😦

  7. Anny

    tho’s kitten looked like nutters, shame i missed them but still lots of fun to see you anyway, and if you have checked your facebook i may have 2 old rats with me!

  8. Anny

    oh yeah to Val with the volleyball;)

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