Kitten Kaboodle

Okay, well, things aren’t so good right now. Until I get my spinal surgery (and my doctor is currently hurrying that along, bless him), I’m completely housebound. I can just about make it downstairs to the front door – handy when Tesco deliver my food – but venturing outside is far too painful. I’ve had to give up going to work; it’s a good job I can work from home, eh?

I should be feeling quite sorry for myself, particularly as my sciatica is now starting to hurt when I sit down (my worst nightmare). However, the arrival of two 12-week-old kittens will do wonders for your mood…

I’m fostering them until they’re homed, which I don’t think will be long because kittens are in demand and these ones are simply adorable. Nobody could resist them! They’re so much fun I can hardly believe it: chasing their tails, pouncing, scampering, purring, leaping around, eating my plants (ahem) and generally making life a million times better. Kittens – the best medicine!

And, because I’m a big kid, I’ve named them Dean and Sam. Their new owners will no doubt choose their own names, but they’re Dean and Sam to me.

Gotta go. They’re destroying my quilt…



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5 responses to “Kitten Kaboodle

  1. Lerxst

    Want one of these:

    “Buster is bottle fed five times a day with a mixture of puppy and kitten milk”..

  2. Jenni

    Aw bless! At the end of September, we will be getting a kitten thanks to my boss. His wife found a feral cat in a poorly and pregnant state, took her home and she gave birth to 5 kittens – all had homes but one fell through so I said we’d have her. I’m not allowed to call her Xena or Buffy though! 😦 Fingers crossed your surgery date comes soon – I’ve heard chocolate is very good for a poorly back!

  3. Lizwc

    They’re SOOOOOO cute. I hope you can keep them a while… on the “fan names” subject I have two guinea pigs named Ginny and Hermione.
    Good luck with the surgery hope it comes soon

  4. Badger Madge

    they look like naughty little scamps! the best kind of kitty!

    sorry to hear about your pain and housebound-ness. hope it gets sorted soon xx

  5. Jason Arnopp

    Madam, can’t say I like this housebound/pain/operation malarky at all. Sorry to hear about it.

    On a more positive footing, I need to add a link to you on my blog… 🙂

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