Jayne Gets A Break (Or Two) At Last!

I had a hospital appointment yesterday and, after eight months of excruciating pain, phsyiotherapy, weight loss, acupuncture, pilates exercise and a steroid injection in my back under general anaesthetic, I FINALLY had the joy of hearing my surgeon say, “Well, you can’t go on like this, can you?”

Which means I’m going to have surgery! Woohoo!

He didn’t seem to think it would take too long to get a date for it, although the words “too long” with the NHS could be anything from a week to three months. No idea. Should know very soon. However, I don’t care, because there’s a CURE and I’m GETTING IT and at some point I will be able to WALK AGAIN!

So I’m a bit happy at the moment. Who knew the offer of serious spinal surgery would bring me sunshine?

Due to my overwhelming being stuck-in-the-houseness I’ve been watching lots of DVDs. This week I finally got round to watching season one of Prison Break and I’m so addicted every spare minute is being eaten up by Wentworth Miller, Dominic “I starred in John Doe, you know” Purcell and their cohorts. I’m loving it so much I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. Possibly not one like Michael’s, though… it might be a bit extreme:

Plus I think my boobs might ruin the artistic effect. Oh well.



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5 responses to “Jayne Gets A Break (Or Two) At Last!

  1. Lerxst

    Well good luck, both with getting an early date, and in that everything goes well. And when you do go in, make sure you milk it for all your worth in terms of sympathy, attention and pressies.

    Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone, and get a tattoo artist to come in while you’re still under the general. Though if you do go for a “Michael”, you’ve got to promise to post the photo! 🙂

  2. Badger Madge

    Yay well done you. Hope it goes well and happens soon.

    Great idea with the tattoo under general anaesthetic. I’ve always been a wuss when it comes to needles.

    I watched the first ep of Prison Break a few months ago and REALLY liked it (mmmmm, blokie) but Mr Badger won’t watch more because we had too much to watch at the time. Hmmm, maybe I can sneak in a few eps with him before Heroes starts at the end of next month…

  3. Ruud Visser

    Note to NHS:
    Must order righthandsided cabinets for back-surgery ward soon….

    Tattoo’s. I think they are often
    beautifull pictures, usually on the wrong canvas….

    Good luck on the surgery!

  4. Sue S

    You’d only get away with a tattoo like that if the terrain being mapped included a couple of hills! ;o)

    Anyway, it’s good to see you are going to have the surgery you need. Good luck with it all, and I hope you don’t have to wait long.

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Thanks for all the well-wishing! Still waiting for a date… hurry up… grrr…

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