Moe Better Blues

To try to get over the pain of knowing there will be no more Harry Potter (catches breath in shock, bites knuckles to keep the scream inside), I went to see one of my favourite comedians do stand-up on Thursday night at the comedy club that sits, rather handily, just over the road from my house.

I last went there two years ago to see Father Ted‘s Ardal O’Hanlon (“Why the hell are you all sitting in this boiling hot hall watching me, when you could be at home watching Big Brother in the nip?”) and it’s taken all that time for somebody else to come along I was interested in seeing. The culprit this time was Rich Hall, an American comic you’ve probably seen on Saturday Night Live (many years ago) or, more recently, Have I Got News For You and QI.

He’s a cranky, cynical genius. I fell in love with him during an episode of QI when Stephen Fry asked him, in an accusatory tone, “Why do Americans drive on the right-hand side of the road?” and Rich answered, “Because we INVENTED THE FUCKING CAR.”

Rich was also the inspiration for Moe the bartender from The Simpsons. I thought this was just rumour until I read Matt Groening confirming it in an interview – and, hell, just look at the evidence:

Moe the bartender

Rich Hall

It was great seeing Rich in the flesh at long last and the gig didn’t disappoint – I even heckled him at one point (“Don’t patronise me!” he cracked back, but he said it the Yank way – pay-tronise – and that got a laugh in itself).

So I’ve cheered up, although I still miss Harry (whimper). Hopefully my new feline companion will help me with that small problem. It looks as though I’ll be fostering cats for my local animal rescue charity, so I’m fully expecting my wonderfully clean and tidy flat to be wrecked within a week. Stay tuned…

… Oh, and speaking of cats, I assume you’ve all read the news reports about the cat who seems to know when the residents of his care home are going to die, curling up next to them four hours before their final breath? Oscar’s been nicknamed the “Kit of Death” and scientists are scrambling to explain his extra-sensory premonitory powers.

It didn’t take long for Oscar to be lolcatified:

Should’ve seen it coming, really.



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9 responses to “Moe Better Blues

  1. Lerxst

    The Oscar story doesn’t really surprise me. When I was a kid, our cat Satan, would always go and curl up with an ill member of the family. Add in the more recent thing about dogs being able to smell cancer, and I guess there’s nothing extra-sensory about it.

    As for stand-up, the must see has to be Bill Bailey. By the end of the Part Troll show, I had tears in my eyes at the Kraftwerk version of ‘Das Hokey Cokey’…

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Oddly enough, I was feeling a bit poorly yesterday (funny how the painkillers supposed to make you feel better have side effects that make you feel worse, isn’t it?) and to cheer myself up I watched lots of Bill Bailey on YouTube.

    Worked a treat, it did!

  3. Heppy

    Never for a moment made the connection between Rich Hall and Moe, but now it’s been pointed out it’s startling.

    As for Potter – five and a bit hours. From King’s Cross, no less.

  4. Jayne Nelson

    Darn! My eight hours have paled into insignificance!

  5. Heppy

    And if you’re looking for comedy, get the first season box set of SNL. If only for Land Shark. Plus, saves watching Studio 60 or 30Rock again…

  6. Lerxst

    Thinking about Bill led me to check his website, where I found this excellent news:

    Bill in Eurovision? Please!! If the choice were down to me, he’d hit’em with Insect Nation.

  7. Lerxst

    PS I saw a trailer for Stardust this evening. Looked promising, but Ricky Gervais leapt out like a big sore thumb. Going by the trailer, as ever he’s just playing Ricky Gervais, and he appeared even more incongruous than (the far more talented) Stephen Fry did when he popped up in Gosford Park.

  8. Sue S

    I never noticed how alike Moe and Rich Hall are, but now you mention it it’s really rather striking!

  9. Vanessa

    I saw Rich Hall twice at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer (didn’t mean to see him twice but messed up bookings) and he was brilliant. Two gigs about four days apart and although his act was hung on the same hooks, there was enough variety to ensure that I was crying with laughter the second time too!

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