Listing A Bit

I’m rather woozy on pain meds right now and felt like composing a list. Don’t expect it to make sense because, as I said, “woozy”.

Here goes…

All that is bad in my life right now (in no particular order):

1) My poorly back.
2) I have so much work to do I’m almost panicking.
3) My washing machine has broken.

All that is good in my life right now (in no particular order):

1) My poorly back is being tamed by painkillers.
2) I have so much work to do I can finally pay my bills.
3) My washing machine has broken but my wonderful landlord will replace it by the end of the week AND will take a whole heap of junk out to the tip for me when he removes my old washer – for free!
4) The noisy wasps living in my bedroom window frame have stopped being noisy and now I’m growing rather fond of them.
5) I have the first three Supernatural: Origins comics next to my bed to read in a minute.
6) The Official Supernatural Magazine has been announced and guess who’s gonna be scribbling for it? *grins*
7) I saw the sequel to Russian vampire film Night Watch last night. Day Watch was ace!
8) My flat is super-tidy after I finally got round to cleaning out under the sink and my airing cupboard (where I found a sword, oddly enough).
9) This has been the best summer ever. Heat? What heat? Bring on the rain!
10) I got home from my screening last night and my neighbour’s cat spent ten minutes yowling at me to rub her tummy before I could even get in the door. So I did.
11) The new Harry Potter book is ALMOST HERE!
12) Somehow, despite being unable to exercise for six months, I’ve managed to lose 8lbs. And it’s stayed off!
13) I dreamt about Stan Lee the other night. I don’t know why, but it put me in a good mood for two days.
14) I picked up a twig earlier today which had fallen from an oak tree complete with tiny little acorns. Then I used it ten minutes later to scoop an enormous stag beetle off the pavement and put it safely in a bush. Um, don’t ask me why I told you that, but it seemed important at the time.
15) Crowded House’s new album has finally clicked with me.
16) While we’re on the subject of music, Regina Spektor’s “Us” is pretty much the best song ever, isn’t it?
17) The new issue of Top Gear Magazine had free fridge magnets so you can make your own “Wall Of Cool” on your fridge. I happened to have a spare Ford Gran Torino fridge magnet so now Starsky’s car is in the “Sub-Zero” section. Wish I had a ’67 Chevy Impala fridge magnet to join it, though.
18) I had an invite to the press screening of The Bourne Ultimatum – I’m so excited!
19) Those lolcats are still rocking my world over at Latest piece of genius is this:

20) And I really should stop now because those comics are beckoning and I should read them before my painkillers put me under for good.

Mmm. Painkillers. Me likey…



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9 responses to “Listing A Bit

  1. Crimsonyte

    I like lists. Good to hear there are far more fantastic things going on in your life than bad ones.

  2. Lizwc

    hurray!! New Official Supernatural magazine! Hurray!! you’re going to be writing for it? Is that your Top Secret Project (TM)? Is it permanent job and end of Jayne as freelance or “just” ongoing freelancy work for the soon-to-be-esteemed journal?
    Boo!!! Back pain still bad. So sorry to hear that… I really really hope it gets better

  3. Jayne Nelson

    The Official Supernatural Magazine was just one of three Top Secret Projects I’ve been working on in the last six months – one of the others was a comic (the client in the US said no in the end but I still got paid and even have four comic covers to frame on my wall as a memento), while the other was a bit rude and I’m really not allowed to talk about it (she says, mysteriously). It’s done and dusted now, anyway, and was hugely entertaining to work on.

    But as for Supernatural: I’m just freelancing, but oh boy it’s good fun! I love my job. I really do. For all the grief I get with my poorly back, my job just gets better. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, as somebody clever once said…

  4. Lerxst

    Other good things..

    Well, made me smile when I rediscovered them..

    Oh, and this:

    Neil Gaiman.. Beowulf… Imax 3D.. Forget Potter.. Grendel’s coming to town. Let the blood flow…. 🙂

  5. neil h

    Twenty good things against three bad things is a pretty good ratio I think.

    Here’s a list reply :

    1. Ouch. Sympathetic thoughts.
    2. Lists are good.
    3. That’s what service washes are for.

    1. – 3. Hurrah!
    4. You are strange and unusual
    5. There’s a Supernatural comic?
    6. Yay!
    7. Oooh – sounds interesting.
    8. Swords are cool. What is it?
    9. We’ve had rather too much rain up here in Sheffield, thank you very much
    10. Cats are cool too.
    11. I’m considering buying it at midnight.
    12. I’ve been exercising hard doing two different martial arts and lost the same amount – what gives?
    13. Stan Lee is uber cool.
    14. I love the beetle display in the Natural History museum. I haven’t seen a real life stag beetle for years.
    15. Not heard it yet.
    16. Youtubes it. Agrees. Why haven’t I heard this before? The Phillip Glass style piano is ACES.
    17. I’ve got the SFX Doctor Who fridge magnets mixed in with my cool wall magnets.
    18. Swit swoo!
    19. I can has more Lolcats, pls?
    20. Beer does that for me … 🙂

  6. Badger Madge

    That lolcat made me giggle, thanks Jayne – you can add that to your list too: “I cheer people up on a rainy Friday when they’re on deadline.”

    Hope back isn’t being too nasty and yay to painkillers xxx

  7. Jayne Nelson

    Great YouTube clips! And I’m soooo excited about Beowulf… wow. Yet another Gaiman flick to drool over!

    “You are astrange and unusual”? Is that an insult or a compliment? I can’t decide…

  8. Lerxst

    Yes, I’m really trying not to get too excited about Beowulf as that way disappointment lies, but.. not sure it’s working.

    My one concern at the moment is Grendel’s hag of a mother.. Angelina Jolie as voice, fine, but look at the poster:

    That’s one hell of a reimagining!

  9. Aurelius

    It’s good when that album finally clicks. Took me a week or so.


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