What Goes Around, Comes Around

Just to add to my last entry:

As I said, I now live in the same street I lived in when I was at university back at the start of the ’90s.

I seemed to spend a startling amount of time in those days writing essays about how 1956’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers was actually a metaphor for the communist threat to America in the age of McCarthyism and HUAC.

Now it’s 2007, 15 years later…

…and I’m writing a feature about how 1956’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers was actually a metaphor for the communist threat to America in the age of McCarthyism and HUAC.

Except this time I’m getting paid for it. And I’m not typing it out on a rickety old typewriter with a bottle of Tipp-Ex at my side.

I guess you could say I took exactly the right university course for my career. Funny how life works out!

Now, if only I could convince my old American Studies professor that the Klingons in Star Trek were the bloody Russians and not the Chinese, as he tried to teach us in one lecture, I’d be happy. (I mean, come on. Who were the Romulans if they weren’t Chinese? Sheesh.)



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8 responses to “What Goes Around, Comes Around

  1. Badger Madge

    so unfair. my bloody english lit degree was a total waste of time (except for that one time when i wrote an essay on the first 4 harry potter books – “Love, Religion, Conflict: these are engines that drive all great narratives. Discuss.”

    it forced my (mad) professor to read the books and he got hooked. yay!

    *sigh* those were the days…

  2. Jayne Nelson

    I wrote my dissertation on Twin Peaks. Not a single one of my professors had seen it. I had to edit together a highlights tape for them or they’d have been lost – as it was, they were pretty lost anyway!

    Still got a 2:1 though. Yay!

  3. Lizwc

    I took an exam in British politics instead of writing a dissertation…. It was a shame, I’d wanted to do a dissertation on Billy the Kid (inspired by Young Guns ahem) but it didn’t come together. British politics was more interesting than I’d thought it would be though

  4. Lizwc

    so who are the Borg then?

  5. Jayne Nelson

    The Borg aren’t anyone – they represent the internet.

    No, really. Think about when Next Generation aired and what was happening with technology at the time. S’obvious!

  6. Anny

    so out of interest who are the germans? also if i come down at the right time you can take me to your little secret garden if you like, if that doesn’t make it not so much of a secret garden for you.

  7. Lerxst

    Surely the Borg are the Cybermen, only with a budget?

    Funny though, fifteen years ago I was writing university essays which regularly boiled down to a call for hardcore libertarianism… and now I’m working for probably the most authoritarian peacetime government in living memory. Principles….. what be they?

  8. Lizwc

    Borg = Internet does actually work. I’d thought maybe they were America but I couldn’t see Star Trek being that subversive.

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