The Idiots Are Back

This was Piccadilly Circus at 6.15pm on Friday night:

Deserted. Looks like something out of 28 Days Later, doesn’t it?

This is the view down the Haymarket:

Tiger Tiger, the bar the car bomb was placed in front of, is just behind the lamp post. I really like Tiger Tiger. I love the Haymarket. I can’t believe anybody would want to blow up two cars and kill possibly hundreds of innocent people. Bastards.

And this one speaks for itself:

London’s full of policemen and police tape right now. But, as ever, us Londoners go on with our lives: I went to a screening of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix just after I took these pictures in a cinema barely 100ft away. What else can you do?

On the way home afterwards I stopped to watch a film crew in Leicester Square. “This is very centre of London’s nightlife,” said the reporter, indicating the dozens of people standing around and watching him talk to the camera. “Last night, even at 1.30am, it would have been packed with potential victims.”

A moment later a policeman wandered up and asked loudly, “Have you got a permit to film here, sir?” I can only hope it wasn’t a live broadcast.

Oh, and a friend of mine was actually in the Haymarket at precisely 1.30am the night the cars were discovered. “It’s funny,” he said the next day, “all I could think when I found out about the bombs was that a Burger King would have been a really shitty last meal…”



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5 responses to “The Idiots Are Back

  1. Lerxst

    I was about to say that bombing the Aberdeen Steak House would have been doing the world a service, but thinking about it, that would carry the risk that all the American tourists might then discover the decent restaurants.

  2. Badger Madge

    What a chilling thought. I think I’d like mine to be a huuuuuge chinese take-away with spare ribs and seaweed. mmmmm…

  3. Asu

    Totally unrelated to this post but, did you see the Who finale on Saturday?

    I made an image macro parody in the style of those cat ones in celebration. Thought you might get a kick out of it!

  4. Badger Madge

    Asu that was fab! I’m going to link to it from my blog (and I posted about the finale the other day if you want a ranting read…

  5. Jayne Nelson

    I’m a bit late replying to your message, Asu, but I finally checked out your lolWho.

    I might have laughed.

    Just a bit.

    Just a wee, tiny, small bit.

    Oh, alright, I wet myself…

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