Talkin’ To The Animals

See the fluffy kitty sitting on the wall in this picture? Her name is Spud. She belongs to my neighbour and she’s lovely. (She’s also the spitting image of a cat I had named Fred while growing up, which means every time I see her I feel a bit sad.) Anyway, I just leaned out of my living room window and spent ten minutes having a conversation with Spud. It went something like this:

Me: “Hey, Spud!”


Me: “Watcha doin’?”

Spud: “Meeeow.”

Me: “Why are you sitting in the rain, puss?”

Spud: “Meeewow.”

“Are you bored?”

Spud: “Meeeow!”

You get the gist. Every time I spoke, Spud replied. It was hilarious. She even jumped up on the wall so she was nearer to my window. I bloody LOVE cats, I do.

Now it’s thundering and Spud is nowhere to be seen. I wonder if she’s talking to the thunderclaps?



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8 responses to “Talkin’ To The Animals

  1. neil h

    That’s very cute! 🙂

  2. Anny

    I knew what kind of cat spud is, i’m brillant!

  3. Lizwc

    Awww… I want Spud!
    Although my Tigger wouldn’t be too impressed, even though he and Spud could be related…

  4. Badger Madge

    Spud is ace. I love cats who talk (I love cats anyway, but the ones who talk are the best). Our old cat, Bella talked (I think she thought she was a dog too).

    You’d get in from school and she’d be at the door waiting for you: “Hellooooo Bella!”
    “How’s Bella?”
    “Yeah? You OK? Shall we go and watch some telly?”

  5. Lerxst

    My old cat, Satan, was an adorable old thing but had a great line in short snappy maows which I’m sure would have translated as ‘food!’ or ‘fuss me.. now!’.

    You can tell the sort of cat he was in that he wouldn’t use the catflap normally if someone was around – he’d just bang the flap with one paw until someone came to let him in or out.

    It was a trick he also used when someone was in his seat – he’d pretend to want to go out, and once they’d got up and come to the door, he’d doubleback and claim the chair.

  6. Sarah

    Lerxst, Satan rocks. I had a cat, Rambo who, when he conducted his catflap action, used to push it forward with his paw, wait til it swung back again and then popped his head through the gap. I never understood why he didn’t use it the conventional way, but then Rambo wasn’t your normal puss, bless him.

  7. Ruud Visser

    I wish I could have conversations like yours. When I was still single, I talked a lot to my cats Fay and Lori, but they never really responded…

    Fay is gone now, and Lori is getting older, and our two year old daughter Jasmijn isn’t always aware of how to adress her. Fortunatly, Lori is an old softie, who just walks away when Jasmijn get’s too enthousiastic. If you follow this link, you can see what I mean. Lília’s visiting cousin shot this when he was babysitting…:

  8. Jayne Nelson

    Hey Ruud – your link doesn’t work. Want to post it again?

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