Exorcism Through iTunes

I’ve spent the last two days working on Metal Hammer magazine and loving it. The team were great and the stuff they write is so out of the realm of my experience that every word’s a surprise. I mean, who knew there was a band out there called Rotting Christ?

Whole new world, I’m tellin’ ya.

Of course, two days spent listening to thrash metal does leave you yearning for something a little less, well, otherworldly. So tonight, determined to redress the balance, I spent two hours browsing iTunes and downloading a ridiculous amount of music from my childhood to remove the thrashy ringing from my ears.

I really do have the worst taste in music. For every act I’m proud to like (Goldfrapp, The Doors, Crowded House) there are ten I can’t believe live on my iPod. The latest unfashionable rascals to join the rabble included Jean-Michel Jarre, Adam & The Ants, Kenny Rogers and Starship (“We Built This City” is an underrated classic).

And who knew that David Essex sang “Together In Electric Dreams”?

…Like I said, the worst taste.



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4 responses to “Exorcism Through iTunes

  1. Lerxst

    Hmm. I think nostalgia forgives a lot. My tastes got heavier as I got older but I’ve bought up plenty of the old music I was into in those formative years: New Romantic-era stuff including Adam & the Ants, Nik Kershaw, Duran Duran, ABC, etc; and rockabilly revivalists like the Stray Cats and the Polecats. People can scoff, but it all still makes me smile. (Though I can’t hear Jarre now without thinking of the Bill Bailey parody..)

  2. Crimsonyte

    The word is eclectic my dear. In any case it can’t be worse than mine (all acquired from itunes too). The one song I’m still looking for is Dance Yourself Dizzy by Liquid Gold so I think you get the picture of what my collection is like!

  3. Ruud Visser

    My musical preference is mostly in the past. I don’t have an I-pod or discman (didn’t even have a walkman), but if I had one, it would probable been filled with much of The Nits, some Mike Oldfield, and a lot of stuff by Fay Lovsky and Sailor. Especially Sailor. It’s the one band I have always continue to play since my early teens, and never stopped liking them. And I am not affraid to admit it!
    About my Olivia Newton John albums though….

  4. Clair

    Wasn’t it Phil Oakey of the Human League wot sang Electric Dreams – unless there’s a cover I didn’t know about…

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