Damn You, Who!

I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who yesterday. Consequently I slept for about 45 minutes last night because every time I closed my eyes I thought, “Uh-oh… STATUES!”

What am I, twelve?

I can only imagine what the kids of Britain are going to be like this week. There’ll be about four hours of sleep between them…



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11 responses to “Damn You, Who!

  1. neil h

    You weren’t the only one – in this house Jamie (10) refused to go to bed, Alicia (16) was a bit worried but pretended not to show it and Neil (41) had bad dreams … 🙂

    More please Russell T and Stephen Moffat!

  2. Badger Madge

    Yup, scared the bejesus outta me too Have blogged about it too, so check it out – had to have the hall light on! Gah!

  3. Almagill

    Our youngest (13 and so full of himself) nearly leaped over the back of the sofa. Twice. He then spent the rest of the programme trying not to look as if he was sitting in a near foetal huddle with his hand ready to slap over his eyes.

    It was BRILLIANT!

    Less brilliant was going up to bed around 4am this morning, all the lights out in the house, and catching a glimpse of the gargoyle on my bookshelf.

    Given the viewing figures for this episode it looks like a fair proportion of the country will be going around muttering “don’t blink.. don’t turn around”

  4. Heppy

    If Jekyll is half as good as Blink was, it’ll be exceptional – though with Nesbit involved, it’s unlikely. But yes, awesome, and brilliantly tricksy ending.

  5. meimido

    My seven year old son and myself sometimes walk through a nearby cemetery to school – possibly the cemetery in the show, thinking about it, we are native to Cardiff and it did look very familiar- as you can imagine today’s trip through was absolutely hilarious!!

    What a fantastic episode.

  6. Jayne Nelson

    I’m still waiting for the BBC to announce they’ve been flooded with complaints from angry parents whose kids kept them awake all night!

  7. Ruud Visser

    Lília and I loved it (decided not to let Jasmijn watch yet).
    Hard to believe that it was written by the same man who wrote the brilliantly funny “Coupling” and “press gang”….

  8. Lerxst

    Excellent stuff – the Moffat Man seens to have turned into one of the most reliable writers on TV. (I snorted beer over The Girl With Two Breasts….)

    But Jayne, what are SFX doing burying your column away in the Spoiler section? Some of us deliberately leave the spoilers untouched, not wanting to ruin our viewing experience. But now we have to risk seeing tempting BSG teasers if we are to get our fix of Nelson’s Column. It’s just not fair!

  9. Badger Madge

    Yes, I didn’t understand that either – your column doesn’t usually contain spoilers does it?

  10. Lizwc

    Found Blink very scary too, and having lived in cardiff till recently, I recognised some of the statues at the end too… Been a long time since I’ve shouted “look round! quick!” at the telly…

    And whilst I always make a bee line for the spoilers in SFX I hated finding my favourite columnist shoved at the end, with smaller space and consequently text. And on poorer quality paper which I ripped on my way in. (sulks)

    Loved the column, but the Supernatural boys’ clothing isn’t really that spoilery. I get that it means you can write about stuff we haven’t seen yet, but couldn’t you just stick “Contains Spoilers” on the top of the page and move back where you belong?

    PS you can just call me Liz when replying!

  11. Jayne Nelson

    A few people have mentioned my column moving to SFX’s Spoiler Zone. I’ll blog about the wheres and why-fores soon!

    For the record, this month’s column was written before I knew about the move, hence it not being spoilery or mentioning the change of position. (Annoyingly, I’d envisioned Andy Watt drawing Dean & Sam sitting nekkid by a washing machine waiting for their laundry, so I was a bit miffed that illustration never happened – would’ve been hilarious!)

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