Death By Chocolate

Just wanted to share an email I received this morning from my friend Andy Watt:

“i’m watching one of those awful greedy c**t property developer, homes under the hammer shows, theres a couple that have just bought an old unused chapel, no garden, but it does have a massive graveyard outside the front door. the woman described it as “really
chocolate box”

what fucking chocolates does she eat?!!

and all because the lady loves……………..corpses.”



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9 responses to “Death By Chocolate

  1. Lerxst

    Black Magic perhaps? To be fair though, without having seen the programme,it depends on the location. If it’s a country village church with a graveyard full of old headstones, then conceivably it could be a bit chocolate boxy.

  2. Almagill

    Picturesque, yes, I could buy that.
    Romantic even.

    But ‘chocolate boxy’? Oh dear no. Far too many lids there that you don’t want to pop open and grope around looking for a soft centre.

  3. Lizwc

    …. hard or soft centres? it doesn’t bear thinking about!! that woman sounds seriously disturbed. And disturbing…

  4. Lerxst

    Well, chocolate box art is generally seen as being a bit idealistic and sentimental. It’s perfectly possible to have a country scene with church and graveyard that fits the bill exactly – in fact, they’re churned out in their hundreds every Christmas.

  5. Jayne Nelson

    I actually really like graveyards – I used to spend my lunch hour in a huge old cemetary by the Herald Express newspaper when I worked for them in Torquay. But I wouldn’t have called it ‘chocolate box’. Pretty, maybe, and full of wildlife… but not to be associated with chocolate!

  6. David

    Chocolate box in the sense that its inhabitant are the equivalent of those awful orange creams that make you want to gag?

  7. Jayne Nelson

    More like the coffin creams.

  8. Lerxst

    Crunchy frog anyone?

  9. Lizwc

    Maybe not chocolates, but Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans? A really stomach churning selection…

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