I’d like a new heart now, please

[No spoilers here!]

Just saw the season two finale of Supernatural: an episode named, not inappropriately, “All Hell Breaks Loose”, although in my case it could just as easily have been called “Let’s Rip Jayne’s Heart Out And Stomp On It Quite A Lot”.

Man, that made me blub. And smile. And realise Supernatural is my most favouritest* piece of telly around at the moment, even over Heroes, and I love THAT show so much I want to hug it and squeeze it and smoosh it to bits.

When I was a kid I’d look forward to Christmasses and birthdays so desperately that I’d get butterflies in my tummy for weeks beforehand. Nowadays I don’t really care about Christmasses and birthdays; that butterfly feeling flares up before I watch an awesome TV show. Knowing that Supernatural was gearing up for a kickass finale, I had a fluttery tummy for the whole of this week and it was a glorious feeling when that kickass episode didn’t disappoint.

I’m glad I still get butterflies – it proves I’m young at heart. (Either that, or I really need to stop drinking the coffee from the vending machines at work.)

Anyway, I’ll sum up with this: OMFGWTFSPN! Which, as I’m sure you agree when you watch the episode, really says it all.

* What? Favouritest is totally a real word.


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2 responses to “I’d like a new heart now, please

  1. The Lost Ranger

    I’ve still got half a dozen or so episodes to go before we hit the end of series.

    Hoping for a third series and for something worth watching till it starts…

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Third season has been confirmed this week – hurrah! And I very carefully didn’t include any spoilers for anyone not quite there yet. I is thoughtful like that, I is.

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