Shameless Photo Opportunity

I don’t know what I love more about this pic: the fact that Nathan Fillion decided to go for “freaky” rather than “hunky”, or the fact that he manages to look hunky regardless.

And how come he’s three feet taller than me?

Photo credit:
Fantasy Photography by
0151 726 9538



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11 responses to “Shameless Photo Opportunity

  1. Heppy

    Jayne, Jeanette Krankie’s three foot taller than you… 😛

    *runs away and hides*

    He does look vaguely like Bruce Campbell, though

  2. Jayne Nelson

    You. Me.



  3. Heppy

    Hang on til I’ve finished the Eurovision write-up and you’re on. But don’t forget to bring a stepladder.

  4. Lerxst

    Nevermind Fillion – what was Steve Davis doing there?

    BTW – nice pic, much cuter than your profile photo.

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Steve Davis? Hee! I believe you mean Dave Bradley, the lovely editor of SFX Magazine. He doesn’t look like Steve Davis at all usually. Honest.

  6. Ruud Visser

    This photo reminded me of an old publicity-still for Doctor Who’s “the five doctors”.
    Be honest: it’s not really Nathan Fillion, eh? It’s his counterpart from Madamme Tusseaud, right…?

  7. Kikishua

    Your hair looks FANTASTIC!

  8. Jayne Nelson

    I don’t know who you are, Kikishua, but you made me smile! Thank you! *blushes*

  9. Badger Madge

    Yeah, your hair rocks there Jayne. Not sure which I prefer though, Dark gothy Jayne or Blondey fairy Jayne…

  10. Cassandra

    Jayne…have you ever met Jayne..?
    I mean as in, Jayne Cobb aka Adam Baldwin. I do think Nathan is hot but I prefer them big and stupid

  11. Jayne Nelson

    Hi Cassandra! Alas, I’ve never met Adam Baldwin. And I still regret not calling this blog “Jaynestown” after the episode dedicated to Jayne Cobb – my fave Firefly character. D’oh! What a missed opportunity!

    Did we meet at Sci Fi London? I’m rubbish with names, sorry… either way, do you have an email address? Just wanted to drop you a quick line about something, uh, amusing I’ve just spotted on your blog!

    J x

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