Phew! Well, I haven’t quite hit the 2,000 words I was supposed to write today but I’ve done enough, not to mention writing an extra review on top that isn’t due until next week, so I’m feeling a little smug now. Yay me!

So, to celebrate that – and also the fact that the SFX team came fourth in yesterday’s Sci-Fi London quiz (so we weren’t second like last year but hey, it was better than fifth or sixth or seventeenth, wasn’t it?) – I’m going to post some interesting pictures for y’all. You can click on some of them to make ’em bigger if you so wish.

Check this out, for starters:

An ordinary camel train? No. You’re actually looking at their shadows. Check it out again and try to spot the real camels!

Then there’s this:

Yeah, I have no idea what it means either, but it made me laugh. Next up is this…

… which is the cover of the first Supernatural comic, drawn by the genius that is Tim Sale, the guy behind all the paintings in Heroes among other things (Superman For All Seasons). That’s John Winchester with wee!Sam and wee!Dean, and the sulky look on wee!Dean’s face CRACKS ME UP!

This is the poster for Stardust, the new Matthew Vaughn movie based on the book by Neil Gaiman and adapted by Vaughn and Jane Goldman:

I saw this film last week at a top sekrit screening and I can’t say a goddamned word about it because they made me sign a form – but I will say I adore the poster and leave you to form your own conclusions from that.

And, finally, here’s what happens when you take a toy Jawa into work for a photoshoot and your friend Gillen decides to have fun with it. I keep wondering whether that really is the correct spelling of the Jawa’s favourite word… is it “Utini” or “Ooootini”? I may never know…

And that is all.



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2 responses to “Pic’n’Mix

  1. Ruud Visser

    Tim Sale is brilliant! I have some of his Batman’s, like The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, and I love them!
    His work with black and white / light and dark is very moody and I sometimes think it is a crime to colour his pages. They should be in black and white, with maybe some crafty greytones….

    Only…..is it me, or is there a lot of pouting and lippursing going on with his characters?

  2. lf2871

    I love the Jawa! It made me giggle. I have a cuddly Jawa that sits beside my computer and makes me write..(Ok it dosent but it is cute!) I think Jawas are haunting me!

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