As you may know, in my last post I proclaimed my serious girl-love for Drive‘s stunning Dodge Challenger. I’d like to make it clear that I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS unless they just happen to strike me as being hugely sexy while I watch them in TV shows. So far in my life, this has only happened three times:

Starsky & Hutch‘s 1976 Ford Gran Torino:

Supernatural‘s 1967 Chevy Impala:

And, as of this week, Drive‘s 1972 Dodge Challenger:

(Actually, this ISN’T the car from the show, but I’ll be buggered if I can find a picture of it and so this random one will have to do.)

Anyway, here’s an amusing story: yesterday I was trawling the net at lunchtime trying to find a picture of said Dodge for my computer’s wallpaper. A work colleague – who I’d just met – peered across at my screen and said, “Aha! You have good car taste.”

“Thanks,” I replied, thinking, ‘Oh cripes, he probably thinks I know loads about cars and I really don’t.’

“I like Dodges, but they’re not my favourite car,” he continued, and I waited for him to launch into a description of some car I’d never heard of in my life, knowing I’d have to nod and look like I knew what he was talking about because I didn’t want to appear to be stupid.

But do you know what he said?

“My favourite car is the ’64 Chevy Impala. I love that model.”

To which I instantly replied, “I think you’ll find the ’67 Impala is much better. Look, here’s a pic of it on my phone.”

And oh my lord, did that impress him. In one fell swoop he thought I was a genius and treated me as such for the rest of the day.

I swear, sometimes TV comes in very, very handy…

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