Oh internet, how I worship thee…

Crowded House are doing a live webcast tonight at 10pm. It’s their first public appearance – well, pretty much – since they last played together as a band over a decade ago, and it’ll be beaming around the world in just 35 minutes.

At 9pm I loaded up the page to check it was working and was thrilled to spy Crowded House REHEARSING live on the internet before their big performance. I have no idea if they knew their soundcheck was spilling out of the studio (it’s just disappeared, as though someone flicked a switch when they realised), but I’ve seen Neil Finn looking ridiculously relaxed and it played perfectly and he sounded mighty fine and I’m a very, very, VERY happy bunny.

Roll on 10pm when festivities proper begin!

The internet’s so good to me. Last night I spent over an hour chatting to my friend James in Los Angeles using Skype, which enables you to make a phonecall through your computer with spectacular sound quality for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

A whole hour, talking to someone in California, for free!

Crowded House playing live in my living room!

I swear, if the internet gets any more wonderful I’m going to have to marry it already.

Oh, and it just struck me how funny this looks:

That’s Crowded House all cued up on my PC screen, an episode of Miracles all cued up on Shep’s screen, my favourite mug (because I’m never more then five minutes away from a cup of coffee) and a signed photo of Rob Lowe on the wall.

Two computers on one desk? That’s the 21st century for you, baby!



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4 responses to “Oh internet, how I worship thee…

  1. Badger Madge

    Blimey, you’re a tidy one…

    Around my computer is currently:
    > Two packets of Oat So Simple
    > An unused notebook
    > An empty holder for the drink’s machine drinks
    > My old Young Person’s Railcard (that’s now unusable because I’m 26 *sob*)
    > Some hand cream
    > Glasses cleaner
    > Paperclip holder
    > A box of neurofen
    > A coaster I made while on Quick&Easy Cross Stitch magazine
    > My bangles that I take off when typing as they get in the way
    > Post-it notes(TM)
    > A mirror that came free from HairStyle and Beauty magazine (RIP)
    > A stapeler
    > An old gym timetable

    And that’s just what’s under and around the monitor!

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Okay, you win at ‘messy’.

  3. Lília Visser

    Skype is indeed wonderful. Since I’ve installed mine here and manage to make everybody home to install it in their computers, talking to family and friends became so easy… And in my case, calling Brazil can be WAY more expensive than callling the US…………..
    Cheers! 😉

  4. Talia

    Hooray Crowded House! And in my lovely home town of Brizzle.

    Wish I could have gone.

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