Stars In My Eyes

Okay, so fresh from spotting Claire Danes in my local Tesco the other day (see previous entry), yesterday I saw Sir Richard Attenborough driving slowly past my house in a very posh car that was far too large for him. He was, no doubt, heading off to work at Twickenham Film Studios, which are located 100 yards from my house and directly opposite St Margarets train station.

Two hours later, I was standing at the ticket booth in said train station renewing my monthly train pass when I realised that the guy waiting impatiently behind me was none other than Richard Schiff. Which meant that I was keeping TOBY ZIEGLER from THE WEST WING waiting.

You try remembering your Visa pin number when the White House’s Communications Director is suddenly standing behind you and you’re a humungous fan of his work. It’s bloody difficult.

It’s weird being a journalist because you meet famous people – including, occasionally, your heroes (stand up, Terry Gilliam) – all the time but you have to be professional about it. I’m surprisingly good at being able to interview someone I’m crazy about without them having a clue I’m a huge fangirl: otherwise, of course, I’d suck at my job. The only person I’ve ever found myself in pure, dry-mouthed awe over was Karl Urban, and that happened a full hour after I realised I wasn’t going to be interviewing him as planned, so when he sat by me and tried to make conversation I didn’t have my journo head on anymore and turned into a gibbering fool.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that even professional journalists who meet famous folk all the time get flustered when they bump into someone cool. And Richard Schiff? Cool. TOBY ZIEGLER, for heaven’s sake! In my local train station!

So now I’ve met Toby and Sam Seaborn… how many more White House staff are left? If I meet President Jed Bartlet in my local chippy I’m probably gonna faint.



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4 responses to “Stars In My Eyes

  1. Igor

    Wow. For some reason, meeting someone from The West Wing seems cooler than an actor from another series. Did you talk to him?

  2. Jayne Nelson

    I didn’t talk to him, no… I decided never to approach a famous person in public again after I embarrassed the hell out of Jack Coleman in a cafe in Vancouver when the poor guy had a cold and just wanted to be left alone.

    “I loved you as Stephen Carrington in Dynasty!” I squealed, and he LOOKED LIKE HE WANTED TO DIE. I can’t watch him in Heroes now without cringing for the poor fella…

  3. Sarah

    Wow. I have “Karl Urban” on Google Alerts and your blog came up for this post. I too, would have been a giggling, fangirly pile of melted goo if he’d talked to me πŸ™‚ Read some more of your posts too, they gave me a giggle on an otherwise dull morning. Have bookmarked you. Love this blog πŸ™‚ (btw if you keep an eye on mine, I post occasional Karl Urban news there.)

  4. Jayne Nelson

    Hey Sarah! I’ll check out your blog when I get a chance tonight. Us Karl fans should stick together, after all! Can’t wait for Pathfinder

    Also, he’s a lovely chap. But I’m sure you knew that already. πŸ™‚

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