But can trains climb stairs?

The guard announcing the late arrival of a train at Streatham station tonight sounded so much like a Dalek that my friend Paul and I spent ten minutes bent double on the platform laughing at him.

Then we started doing impressions. “Your-ser-vice-is-delayed-due-to-a-hu-man-under-a-train”, “Please-report-any-sus-pic-ious-act-ivities-to-the-Sup-reme-Dalek”, “Hu-mans-carrying-bikes-on-to-the-train-will-be-ex-termin-ated.”

Yeah, yeah, so we’re both 35 years old and should know better. I guess you had to be there.

Wish you had been.


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2 responses to “But can trains climb stairs?

  1. Badger Madge

    Leaves-on-the-li-ine! Leaves-on-the-li-ine!

  2. Lizwc

    Almost makes me wish the pepperpots would get here. There’re days I’d cheerfully collaborate for the sake of a punctual train.

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